Specialty Rooms: The Playroom

Kids need their space to play.  Often the bedroom becomes full of all the necessitates of life: bed, clothes, desk, etc, that there is not enough room to play.  As parents, you don't really want your child's toys taking over the house, but you want..

Specialty Rooms: The Home Gym

Whether you dedicate an entire room to your exercise equipment or just a closet, the Home Gym is becoming a growing trend in home design.  With the current economy and everyone trying to pinch pennies, you may think the home gym is a luxury you..

Specialty Rooms: The Rec Room

Following the Home Theater, there is another specialty room geared towards home entertainment, and that is the Rec Room.  The traditional rec room offered table games, lounge space and perhaps a service area of sorts for food and drink.  The..

Specialty Rooms: The Home Theater

Home theaters can vary greatly from enhanced entertainment to extravagant entertainment.  It is a space where you can spend a little  just to get the proper technology and systems in place and leave the design to a minimum, or go to the extreme and..

Specialty Rooms To Customize Your Home: The Series

Specialty rooms to fit your every need.  This is a new trend we are beginning to see in home design and remodeling.  While some might thinks these rooms to be extravagant extras and budget busters, they can actually make the space you have work..

Its Time for Your Annual Spring Check Up

In the fall I wrote a blog about all the checkups you should perform on your house in the fall.  Now I would like to share with you all the preparation and checks you need to make this spring for the coming summer months.  If you read the blog in..