Finish a Basement vs Build an Addition- Which is Better in Chicago?

A Look at the Chicago Real Estate Market Today’s real estate market is decidedly a seller’s market. Particularly in highly desirable areas like Chicago’s Northwest suburbs, it’s difficult to find single-family homes for sale at competitive prices in..

Why Kitchen Beverage Stations are Popping up in Chicago Homes

Kitchen remodels are full of essential decisions. What accessories should you include in your cabinets? How big should your island be? What kind of appliances should you choose? The list goes on and on.  Here in Chicago, we love our coffee, and with..

Top 6 Paint Colors Chicago Homeowners Love According to a Top Remodeler

There’s no doubt that popular paint colors come and go. But by the same token, when you find the perfect hue, a classic color is born and you have a go-to choice that remains ever relevant. These are the hues that are most often asked for Chicago..

Top 10 Gorgeous Lakes & Beaches Near Chicago

Many Chicago-area lakes and beaches that were closed over the winter are opening on Memorial Day weekend, and coming off of a long year of staying at home, outdoor recreation sounds more inviting than ever. Fortunately for Illinois residents, the..

Top 8 Luxury Bathroom Features That You Need to Include

Your master bathroom should be a source of peace and relaxation in your home. It should be a place where you can unwind at the end of your day and somewhere to help you start your day feeling invigorated. But how does someone accomplish this? An..

How to Upgrade your Chicago Renovation with Elevated Design Details

The best thing about working with a design-build remodeling firm is the emphasis placed on the planning and design phase of the project. At Patrick A. Finn in the  Chicago suburbs, we spend considerable time and effort helping our clients pick out..

What is Fit and Finish in Home Renovation, and Why Does it Matter?

Excellent design is all about the details. Every aspect of your project, from the textures, patterns, and lines to the use of space, form, and color should come together beautifully and functionally, from the floors to the roof. Everything should be..

Top 2022 Remodeling Trends for your Chicago Home Makeover

2022 is going to be a great year for spectacular home makeovers in Chicago. As the outside world continues to be unpredictable, creating the ideal home space in all rooms, and in all ways, has become a passion for everyone. What is in store for your..

Top 4 Tips to Winterize Your Chicagoland Home

With winter officially in full gear, we want to share some important tips to help you winterize your Chicagoland home. Some are designed to keep your family nice and cozy inside the house all winter long, while others are meant to help protect your..

Remodeling Benefits: 8 Ways a Home Renovation Can Improve Your Health

We often consider remodeling our homes for purely practical reasons: our family has outgrown the current space, the kitchen is cramped and doesn’t have enough storage, or bathroom fixtures are hopelessly outdated. While all of these reasons to..