Our Favorite Aging in Place Features

At Patrick A. Finn, we believe that people are able to live happier and healthier when living independently. Not only will it allow you to retain your own lifestyle in a home you love, but it lets you live somewhere you feel proud of.

In this month’s post, we’ll take a look at the best way to take advantage of an independent lifestyle as you get older – aging in place remodels.

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2015 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Without a doubt, the bathroom is one of the places in your home where up-to-date comfort features blend with your individual style to provide the optimum conditions for washing away weariness, dirt, and stress alike.

As a result, the complete relaxation you can achieve only in your bathroom improves both your health and your mood. However, this is only possible when your multifunctional bathroom design is characterized by the right interior decor, color combinations, convenient solutions, and innovative fixtures which reflect your personality and impart irresistible charm to the surroundings. The overall style needs to match the rest of your home while certain specific bathroom design ideas are meant to provide the privacy, elegancy, and purity you are looking for. And while it is your unique approach, rather than fashion, that grants fascination and delight, the spectacular bathroom remodeling trends for 2015 may give you a clue on how to renovate your bathroom.

Home Spa Design

Recently, the prevailing trend has been to achieve a spa-like feel in spacious and fancy bathrooms. Deluxe

bathroom-remodeling-in-arlington-heights-palatine-ilSmall and simple bathrooms have given way to large and luxurious spaces with beautiful architectural designs, natural features, bold patterns, vintage chic, and magnificent glass shower enclosures. Engaging lighting and impressive interior decors add elegancy and splendor to the modern conveniences. Heated Flooring Radiant heated floors add to the sauna-like design of fashionable bathrooms and significantly increase comfort. Heated flooring is surprisingly energy efficient and easy to install, typically under tiles. The temperature is regulated with a programmable thermostat embedded in the floor which allows you to sustain pleasant warmth at any given moment. Read More

Customize Your Shower with Tile


Custom showers are the new wave in Bathroom, especially Master Bathroom design. While it can be nice to soak in a bath occasionally, the walk-in custom shower has become the focal point of many bathroom remodels.

Create customization and visual interest in your shower design through the use of tile. Try mixing tile materials, sizes, colors, patterns, textures, and direction to create visual interest and a space that is all your own. Even carrying in some of the countertop material for a bench seat or storage shelf can create both form and function and tie your shower materials in with the rest of the bathroom. Read More