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5 Knockout Design Ideas for Ceiling Treatments

5 Knockout Design Ideas for Ceiling Treatments

5 Knockout Design Ideas for Ceiling Treatments

Known as the fifth wall, a well-decorated ceiling has the power to elevate the design of any room. And while many people often overlook this blank canvas within their homes and offices, there are several different stunning effects you can create in this area.

If you’re looking for a way to dress up your ceilings, consider these five knockout design ideas for ceiling treatments.

Beadboard Paneling

Beadboard isn’t just for walls and cabinets; it also makes a stunning ceiling treatment that can give a cottage feel to any room of your home. The lines of the beadboard are ideally suited to helping to visually change the shape of a room as well; by lining up the cuts in the beadboard with the length or width of the room, you can visually square off a narrow room, making it appear wider than it is.

Beadboard can be found in both painted and stained varieties. Consider a white beadboard for a very subtle look, or make a more dramatic appearance by using a dark wood stain in a room with lighter walls and a lot of natural light.

Coffered Ceiling

Make an impressive statement that is sure to attract attention with a coffered ceiling. Coffering or creating a ceiling out of a series of boxes and geometric shapes, is an age-old practice that is still enhancing homes to this day.

Coffered ceilings are ideal in bringing high ceilings down visually, as well as creating repeating shapes in large rooms where an otherwise unbroken ceiling might be a detriment to the overall design. Coffers can be created in squares, rectangles, and more geometric shapes like octagons as well.

To really dress up your coffered ceiling, consider painting the interior of each grid a deeper color than the coffers themselves. The result will add a lot more depth to the ceiling, making it pop and gain in interest.

Bamboo Panels

Homeowners interested in more eco-friendly designs shouldn’t overlook the possibility of using bamboo panels on the ceiling. A fast-growing grass, bamboo strands can be used to create intricate, detailed, and eco-friendly paneling that has more interest and dimension that standard wood.

Installed as paneling in a ceiling, bamboo could give a room a rich, warm color and appearance. The light, warm tones of the bamboo would be ideally suited to rooms that need amplification of any natural light; use them in smaller or darker rooms where a cozy look is desired, but light is needed.

Cork Ceiling

Cork is another eco-friendly material that is ideally suited for creating unique and interesting ceilings. Cork tiles are created from the bark of a tree, harvested without needing to cut the tree itself, so the material is extremely sustainable.

Cork tiles are available in a wide range of different colors and patterns ranging from small to large prints. The tiles are ideal for installing on the ceiling either in a grid pattern, or creating layered and textured designs by overlapping the tiles in stair steps or geometric patterns.

Cork tiles are both thin and lightweight, so even layered they can be easily installed across any type of ceiling. Just keep in mind that even the lighter colors of cork are still dark, and don’t reflect light the way that bamboo will. So, keep cork ceilings to rooms that get a lot of natural light or that have a high enough ceiling to be able to withstand the darker tones and textures.

Faux Tin Ceilings

If what your rooms need is not only texture and interest on the ceiling, but also real punch of color and pattern, consider investing in a faux tin ceiling. Faux tin ceilings have all the interest and pattern of traditional pressed tin ceilings, but with the added advantage of being installed in a grid system.

Faux tin ceilings can be painted like real tin to create a subtle texture on the ceiling or to create flamboyant and colorful masterpiece. They come in many different repeating designs, and it’s possible to find a faux tin ceiling that will match nearly any home’s architectural style, so you can easily get the look you want for your home.

Tin ceilings can be installed on nearly in nearly any height room, and because they can be painted, you can use them in light or dark rooms as well, adjusting the color to suit the amount of light needed.

Dress Up Your Ceilings

Don’t overlook this important part of any room of the home. Whether you invest in something rich and sustainable like bamboo, or something with a lot of history and design like a coffered ceiling, there is a ceiling design idea for every home. Consider updating your ceilings with one of these five knockout design ideas to elevate your ceilings to new levels.

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Thanks to our guest blog writer, Zach Williams, Content Co-ordinator for Kirei USA.