If you’ve spent your adult life maintaining and living in your home, it can be hard to imagine leaving it for an assisted living community. That’s why many people prefer to remain in their own homes as they get older.

However, limited mobility can make homes less accessible and more difficult to live in — especially two-story homes.

Patrick A. Finn, Ltd. provides accessibility remodeling services to allow homeowners to age in place in Arlington Heights and Barrington, IL as well as Mount Prospect, Park Ridge, Palatine, and the surrounding communities.

Whether it’s making doorways wheelchair accessible, installing elevators and chair lifts in multi-level homes, or simply ensuring that bathrooms are ADA compliant, we’ll help make sure you can live comfortably for as long as possible in your home.


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Our Accessibility Remodeling Solutions

Your comfort and safety are our number one priorities. If you have reached the point where living in your home is just too difficult, we can help make your home more accessible so you can continue to live in the place where you feel most comfortable.

We know that you and your home are unique. Our aging in place specialists will help you come up with a solution that suits your specific needs and budget. We start with a free consultation in which we discuss your goals and create an accessibility remodeling plan just for you.

Our aging in place designs can include:

  • Chair lifts from the first to the second floor
  • Home elevators
  • Widened doorways for wheelchairs
  • ADA compliant bathrooms and kitchens

If you have trouble accessing certain areas of your home and fear that you may have to move out, we can help.


Our Aging In Place Designs

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