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5 Stunning Details in this Deer Park Basement Remodel

5 Stunning Details in this Deer Park Basement Remodel

It's not every day that we get to collaborate with our clients acting as a designer, but we had the marvelous opportunity to work with this Deer Park-based accountant with an interior design degree to remodel her basement! For those of us whose children have moved out of the house, you know that your lifestyle and needs change. A project like this is a great way to revitalize a home and improve your own lifestyle as your own life changes over the course of time. The design details that the client provided paired with the craftsmanship and level of care that Patrick A Finn provided makes this basement remodel feel as comfortable as a first or second floor remodeling project.

As you can see, the results are stunning with custom green cabinets and finishes throughout, a handmade & hand glazed terracotta backsplash, and a very unique shape and style of bar sink, to name a few. Read on to see more of the details that impact this project!


1) Custom stair

Way to make an entrance! These completely custom railings were crafted specifically for this project through a steel fabricator. With red oak treads and poplar risers painted white, they pop against the surrounding area and set the tone for this project with a bang. Definitely not your traditional basement stairs!

2) Handmade tile & round sink

A little extra can go a long way, as is the case with this faceted round bar sink and handmade terracotta tile with an iridescent glaze. With just the right amount of sparkle, the artisanal Clé's Zellige 4x4 tile in Weathered White offsets the polished quartz counters in London Sky. Clé's product description really does these tiles justice with the comparison that "weathered white is to white glazed terracotta tiles what opals are to white gemstones", featuring shades of "grays, creams, pinks, celadons, and even blues".

These handmade Moroccan tiles are balanced nicely by the detail found in the faceted sides of Kohler's round Brinx sink, paired with the Artifacts Gentleman's Bar Faucet for a showstopping combination.


3) Seating area and knick-knack shelves

The beautiful mid-century modern furniture and accents are highlighted in the custom nook built to fit a bench that the homeowner had her eye on. Oak shelves are integrated into the wing walls to maintain the open line of sight, while still providing privacy to diners and helping to define the space. Black and gold wall sconces center and ground the area by highlighting the picture rail and artwork centered within the nook's embrace. With the level of detail, care, and craftsmanship provided in this basement remodel it hardly feels like a basement at all!

4) Custom green bar cabinets

At Patrick A Finn, we believe in the quality of the cabinet line that we carry. We use Custom Wood Products, and the cabinets for this project were color matched to replicate a color that inspired the client from her favorite designer Emily Henderson.

The Sherwin Williams Pewter Green is an excellent compliment to the brass towel bar mounted at the end of the line of cabinets and shelf brackets featured above. The warm metal tones offset the variety of pattern in the wood flooring. Originally, the wall tile were going to end at the countertop, which is fairly standard practice. The light switch location made this termination awkward, so we decided to tile the entire wall instead. The placement of the towel bar makes this change look more intentional, creating a more cohesive space.

5) Card table nook!

This little side area used to have a free-standing bar prior to the basement remodel. As you can see highlighted in the other areas of the project, the new custom bar replaced the function of this space. With no more little ones to chase after, the homeowner has found the need for more entertaining space, and this was a perfect location for a new poker table. This added functionality will certainly help to accommodate the empty nesters' free time, and create a more useful space for their changing lifestyles. The Saarinen-esque table is complimented by the black and gold ceiling light that ties to the black and gold wall sconces featured earlier, and tied together with the wood and black mid-century feel chairs.

Remodeling your home after the kids leave is becoming very common. If you're looking to make changes to your home now that your lifestyle is shifting, or are inspired to take on a basement remodel of your own, we're happy to come talk to you about options for your home. You can call us at 847-380-8189 or use our contact form to have us to call you! 

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