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Create a Seamless Workflow with the Perfect Kitchen Work Triangle

Create the perfect kitchen work triangle for a more efficient & pleasing cooking experience. Learn valuable tips from our 30+ years of kitchen renovation expertise.


Home Improvement Dilemma: Should You Renovate or Move to a New Home? Expert Advice

Unsure whether to renovate or move? Get expert advice to weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision for your home improvement dilemma.

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Kitchen Pantry Ideas: How to Design the Perfect Kitchen Pantry

Discover the best kitchen pantry design ideas and storage solutions to create a well-organized and functional space that meets all your needs.


Transform Your Entertainment Space with These Luxury Home Wet Bar Ideas

Discover stunning wet bar ideas to transform your entertainment space into a luxurious haven. Find the perfect spot for your home bar and make it a design focal point for hosting unforgettable gatherings.


The Benefits of Open Concept Home Plans: Creating a Kid-Friendly Environment

Discover the advantages of open-concept home plans and how they can help you create a safe and kid-friendly environment for your growing family.


Home Renovation Permits Unveiled: Essential Tips to Save Money and Hassle

Discover essential tips for navigating the world of home renovation permits to save money and avoid potential hassles during your remodeling project.


Things You Need to Know About Adding an Island to Your Kitchen Remodel

Discover the essential questions to consider when adding a kitchen island. Get expert advice on size, shape, countertop material, cabinet style, & more.


Kitchen Design Ideas for Entertaining: How to Turn Your Kitchen Into an Entertainment Hub

Discover modern kitchen design ideas to create a functional entertainment hub in your kitchen. Solve the congestion problem; make entertaining a breeze with these creative solutions.


Removing Walls Safely: Tips To Identify If A Wall Is Load Bearing

How to identify load-bearing walls & safely remove them without compromising the structural integrity of your home. Consult with Patrick A. Finn to ensure a safe & successful renovation.

connecting-indoor-and -outdoor-spaces-in-your-home

10 Design Ideas for Seamlessly Connecting Your Home's Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Connecting indoor and outdoor spaces: 10 design ideas that will create a harmonious flow & maximize natural light year-round.


How to Design a Streamlined Kitchen for Better Cooking & Entertaining

Discover how to create a functional and inviting kitchen space with these tips on streamlined kitchen design for efficient cooking and entertaining.


The Insider's Guide to Home Renovation Timelines: Plan Your Project Like a Pro

Plan your home renovation project like a pro with this guide to home renovation timelines. Avoid unexpected delays with Patrick A. Finn’s expert advice.


Small Kitchen, Big Solutions: Ways to Maximize Your Cabinet and Countertop Space

Discover solutions to help you create more kitchen countertop and kitchen cabinet space for a more enjoyable cooking and entertaining experience.


Design-Build Construction vs. Traditional Methods: Know the Key Differences

Discover the key differences between design-build construction and traditional methods to make an informed decision for your remodeling project. Partnering with a design-build firm can simplify the process and ensure ...


How to Renovate a House While Living in It: Surviving Home Renovations

Discover practical tips and tricks to survive home renovations while still living in your house. From creating a detailed plan to establishing a temporary living space, this guide has you covered.

finishing a basement

8 Basement Finishing Ideas for Your Chicago Home

See 8 Fun and Functional Ideas for Finishing a Basement to Get the Space You Need. We've Been Finishing Chicago Basements for Decades- These Ideas Work.

addition costs in Chicago's Northwest suburbs

How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs?

How much will your home addition cost in Chicago's northwest suburbs? Discover home addition pricing for Barrington, Arlington Heights, and more here:


Finish a Basement vs Build an Addition- Which is Better in Chicago?

A common decision, especially in this market, should we finish our basement or build an addition? Learn about the pros and cons of both to help you out!

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs?

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs? [2023]

The cost of a kitchen remodel in Chicago’s northwest suburbs varies depending on a variety of factors. Get an estimate based on your needs and budget here:

home remodel costs

How Much Does a Home Remodel Cost in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs? [2023]

How much will your home remodel cost? We have answers. Learn about remodeling costs in Arlington Heights, Barrington, and Chicago's northwest suburbs here!


Remodeling Your Chicago Home for Energy Efficiency in 2023 - Tax Credits and Features

Remodeling for Energy Efficiency in 2023 Can Earn Tax Credits, Incentives, Rebates, and Other Energy Savings. Find Out More With Patrick A. Finn💡

Adding Architectural Interest to Your Home's Exterior

Adding Architectural Interest to Your Home's Exterior


What A Split Level Home Is & Ideas for Your Chicago Home Remodel

The Different Types of Split-Level Homes and the Best Remodeling Ideas to Add Personality and Function to Your Chicago Home Remodel.

automated home

Creating an Automated Home: Smart Technology for Your Chicago Home

Smart Home Features are Common in Today's Homes. Find Out the Best Smart Home Features You Should Consider for Your Home Remodel


Built In Benefits: Bookshelves and Home Office Built In Ideas for Chicago Homes

Great ideas for built-in storage like built-in bookshelves, built-in cabinets, and built-in shelves. Learn how built ins can benefit your Chicago home’s design!

beverage stations

Why Kitchen Beverage Stations are Popping up in Chicago Homes

A kitchen beverage station is an excellent feature to include in your Chicago kitchen remodel! We have several beverage station ideas for your remodel.


Remodeling Benefits: 8 Ways a Home Renovation Can Improve Your Health

Discover the hidden benefits of home remodeling that can improve your physical & mental health. Create a healthier living space with expert remodeling services.


Patrick A. Finn, LTD. Named Qualified Remodelers Top 100

We're thankful to have been named one of Qualified Remodelers Top 100!

master suite addition

Why Adding on a Master Suite May be Smarter than Buying a New Home

When you need more space, you essentially have two options: buying a new house or building on to your current home. Is one a better option than the other?


2021 Guild Quality Guildmaster Recipient!

Patrick A. Finn has been named a recipient of the Guildmaster award by GuildQuality. We have been recognized for our commitment to excellence in the home improvement industry.


Should You Remodel or Move?

We're here to help you determine if a remodel or a move makes more sense for you and your family. Patrick A. Finn


Another Win at The HBAGC Key Awards! 2021 Edition

Join us in celebrating Patrick A. Finn's annual success at the prestigious HBAGC Gold Key Awards. Despite the virtual ceremony, we are proud to have been named award winners every year since 2012.


How to Prepare for A Major Remodel

Planning a major remodeling project and want to know how to prepare? Read tips from a local Northwest Suburbs home remodeler so your project can go smoothly from start to finish! By Patrick A. Finn

cabinet door styles

Cabinet Door Styles For Your Remodel

Cabinets can completely define the design style of your remodel. Choosing a cabinet door style can feel overwhelming at first, but we're here to help!


Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

Whether you're looking to update the curb appeal of your home for a future sale, or just for yourself, here are some great ideas to consider.

Additions: Build Up or Build Out?

Additions in our area are on the rise. Take a look at today's blog to discover if building up or building out makes more sense for you and your home.

A Guide to Commuting to Chicago from the Arlington Heights & Barrington Areas

Here's a simple guide to commuting to Chicago or a similar location from Arlington Heights, Barrington, and the surrounding areas. Enjoy!

flooring trends

2020 Flooring Trends in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs

Today we're discussing popular flooring trends to help you find the best choice for your home.

architectural remodeling

Do I Need an Architect to Remodel My Home in Chicago?

To help you navigate your options before remodeling, we discuss the pros and cons of hiring an architect for your Chicago-area remodel in this post.

open floor plans

Pros & Cons of Open Floor Plans

Considering an open floor plan, but not sure if its right for you? Take a look at some of the pros and cons to help you decide!


Home Gym Design Tips

Discover expert tips on home gym design to help you create a functional and inspiring workout space in the comfort of your own home.

interior design when remodeling

The Best Way to Approach Interior Design When Remodeling Your Home

Investing in a home remodel and researching where to start with the interior design? Read on to learn the best way to approach interior design.

the work triangle

Kitchen Design: The Working Triangle

Kitchen Design: The Working Triangle

8 Ideas for Integrating European Styling into Your Home

Looking for ways to bring European style and design to your home? Read our 8 favorite ways to integrate European styling into your home.

mid century modern

5 Stunning Details in this Deer Park Basement Remodel

Basements can sometimes feel dark, damp, and claustrophobic. This transformative basement remodel feels exactly the opposite- here are 5 stunning details!


Universal Design Kitchen Tips

Kitchens are one of the most used areas of the home. A universal design kitchen ensures that you can enjoy the space for as long as you live in your home!

adding architectural interest to your home

Adding Architectural Interest to Your Home's Interior

Adding architectural interest to your home's interior is a great way to transform your home from builder grade to filled with character and charm.

guide to creating a functional home office

Your Guide to Creating a Functional Home Office

The key to designing a functional home office? Making it about you and what makes you productive. Read our guide to home office design.


3 Planning Tips to Keep Your Home Remodel On Schedule

Looking to keep your home remodel on schedule? These 3 planning tips will set you up for success no matter the home renovation project.

Walk-In Closet Design Guide

A well-designed walk-in closet will simplify your life and give your wardrobe the bedroom storage solution it deserves. Read on to learn more!


Shhh! Top Secrets about Remodeling Your Kitchen that Only Contractors Know

Remodeling your kitchen? Don’t be left in the dark! Every design-build contractor knows these kitchen remodeling secrets and you should, too. Discover more.

what to remodel before selling

What to Remodel Before Selling Your Home

Selling your home but don’t want it labeled as a “fixer-upper?” Read on to learn home remodeling projects that can help your home increase in value and avoid this label.

timeless home remodel

8 Timeless Ways To Improve Your Home

Looking to improve your Chicagoland home and don’t know where to start? Read on to learn 8 timeless ways to improve your home. Home improvement projects will add value and increase the enjoyment of yo

aging in place

Our Favorite Aging in Place Features

Did you know that people live longer, healthier lives when living independently? The best way to do this as you grow older? Aging in place remodels. We believe everybody should have the opportunity to


How to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Ready to move forward on the home of your dreams? Patrick A. Finn loves helping make our clients dreams come true, so we’ve come up with this guide on achieving your dream home! Ready to get started o

luxury kitchen features

Must-Have Luxury Kitchen Features For Your Chicago Northwest Suburb Home

Check Out Our Favorite Features, Materials, and Design Ideas for a Luxury Custom Remodel in Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, and Barrington.


9 Home Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t make these home remodel mistakes with your Chicago-area home! We’ll go over what to do and not to do with your home renovation.

home additions

8 Reasons to Add On to Your Home

There are always reasons for a home add-on! Here are our top 7 reasons to think about a home addition for your Chicago area home.

kitchen drawer

Kitchen Organization: Remodeling & Cabinet Accessories

Kitchen Organization: Remodeling & Cabinet Accessories

remodeling a bathroom

Steps to Remodeling Your Bathroom in Arlington Heights

The key to a successful bathroom remodel is planning. Lay the groundwork and ensure your bathroom renovation project is a success with our expert tips.


5 Bathroom Storage Solutions

Here are 5 bathroom storage solutions to help keep your bathroom organized so you can start your day off right.

planning a kitchen remodel

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

Outdoor Inspiration

Outdoor Inspiration

7 Things to Consider When Renovating a Historic Home

How do you begin renovating a historic home without sacrificing its unique charm? Learn how to plan a successful project and get the home of your dreams!


15 Questions to Ask Home Remodelers Before Hiring

Remodeling your home is an exciting time. But before you jump right into hiring remodeling professionals, make sure you’re working with the right ones.

aging in place

Guide to Aging in Place

Guide to Aging in Place

alternatives to granite

Looking Beyond the Bounds of Granite: 10 Alternatives to Granite That You May Want to Consider

Looking Beyond the Bounds of Granite: 10 Alternatives to Granite That You May Want to Consider

Stainless Steel: An Everlasting Trend?

Stainless Steel: An Everlasting Trend?

spring remodeling projects

Spring Remodeling Projects that will Add Value to your Home

You can contact us online or call us at (847) 358-4133 to talk to one of our professional home designers about your home remodeling project.

contractor questions

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Contractor before Making the Hire

Call Patrick A. Finn, Ltd. at (847) 358-4133 to discuss your project in the North Chicago suburbs with our home designers.

5 Easy Labor Day Projects for Palatine

Homeowners in Palatine, IL should take this opportunity to take care of these Labor Day home improvements to prepare their homes for the fall and winter.

Home Addition Benefits: Helping Multi-Generation Families Remain in Their Homes

Learn the benefits of a home addition here! Building an addition can be much cheaper than moving but there are other reasons to add on to your home too. By Patrick A. Finn

How Accessible Home Remodeling Services Help You Remain in Your Home as You Age

If you would like to learn more about how accessible home remodeling could benefit you, call Patrick A. Finn, Ltd. at (847) 358-4133.

What is Covered in the Initial Consultation with a Remodeling Contractor

If you are considering a large remodeling project for your home, contact Patrick A. Finn for an initial consultation with a remodeling contractor

Four Remodeling Projects That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Four Remodeling Projects That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Contractor

Families should ask any contractor five important questions before they tackle your building or remodeling project. Read on to learn more.

Lower-level basement renovations in Barrington increase property value

Lower-level basement renovations in Barrington increase property value


New Year, New House - Part 3 - The Family Room

New Year, New House - Part 3 - The Family Room

New Year, New House - Part 2 - The Bathroom

New Year, New House - Part 2 - The Bathroom


Relationships and Remodeling

Relationships and Remodeling

How to use

How to use

New Year, New House - Part 1 - The Kitchen

New Year, New House - Part 1 - The Kitchen

Open Concept?

Open Concept?


Small Space Storage Made Easy with Custom Built-In Bookshelves

Discover how custom-built-in bookshelves can maximize storage in small spaces. Say goodbye to generic bookcases and hello to personalized storage solutions.


Cubbies: The Ultimate Storage Solution for Your Home Remodel

Discover the versatility & functionality of storage cubbies for your home remodel. Learn how custom-built cubby units can provide storage and organization for any room.


Maximize Your Space with Functional Built-in Banquette Seating

Discover how custom built-in banquette seating can maximize your space by making it more functional and beautiful.

Specialty Rooms: The Backyard

Specialty Rooms: The Backyard

Specialty Rooms: The Front Porch

Specialty Rooms: The Front Porch

Specialty Rooms: The Home Office

Specialty Rooms: The Home Office

Specialty Rooms: The Playroom

Specialty Rooms: The Playroom

Specialty Rooms: The Rec Room

Specialty Rooms: The Rec Room

Specialty Rooms: The Home Theater

Specialty Rooms: The Home Theater


Efficiency is the New Buzzword!

Efficiency is the New Buzz Word!