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Maximize Your Space with Functional Built-in Banquette Seating

Maximize Your Space with Functional Built-in Banquette Seating

Are you tired of wasting precious space in your home with generic, one-size-fits-all furniture? Imagine having beautiful, custom built-ins that not only maximize your space but also perfectly complement the style and functionality of your home. These bespoke pieces of furniture are designed to perfectly fit your space, no matter how big or small. 

Discover the Banquette Seating Solution

Are you low on space but need to accommodate ample seating in your dining area? Instead of a table and chairs that require additional space to walk around, consider a built-in banquette.  Because its slide-in seating draws inspiration from a restaurant booth, the banquet offers additional seating in spaces you thought might be just a little too tight.  Place one in a corner, up against a wall, backing up to cabinets, or create one as its own room divider to add functional seating and a custom design element in one. 

Key Design Elements for Banquette Seating

Seating Size and Shape

A banquette can be designed in whatever shape or size fits the space and desired function.  With a custom-built piece, the possibility may seem endless; however, most come from modifications of four basic layouts.

  • The Straight Line – Usually located along a wall or bank of cabinets, the straight line creates linear seating for a single side of the table.  Best when designed for a rectangular table.

  • The L Shape – The L shape is designed at a corner, creating seating on two sides of the table.  This shape works well with a square, rectangular or round table.

  • The U Shape – Offering 3-sided seating, this layout creates the most seating in the smallest spaces, but you do end up doing a lot of sliding in to sit.

  • The Curve – This layout can take different shapes but creates a variety of seating in a more organic design.
  • The Additional Storage:
    • As opposed to a chair, a banquette offers the opportunity to design storage in your seating area.
      • Consider a lift seat if you want to store table linens, pillows, or other bulky items that are quickly accessed from the top.
      • If you are looking for more cabinet storage for cookbooks or seasonal items, open cubbies or closed cabinets can be designed to access from under the table.
      • You can also design end bookcases built into the seat base if your ends are accessible.