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Create a Seamless Workflow with the Perfect Kitchen Work Triangle

Create the perfect kitchen work triangle for a more efficient & pleasing cooking experience. Learn valuable tips from our 30+ years of kitchen renovation expertise.


Kitchen Pantry Ideas: How to Design the Perfect Kitchen Pantry

Discover the best kitchen pantry design ideas and storage solutions to create a well-organized and functional space that meets all your needs.

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Transform Your Entertainment Space with These Luxury Home Wet Bar Ideas

Discover stunning wet bar ideas to transform your entertainment space into a luxurious haven. Find the perfect spot for your home bar and make it a design focal point for hosting unforgettable gatherings.


The Benefits of Open Concept Home Plans: Creating a Kid-Friendly Environment

Discover the advantages of open-concept home plans and how they can help you create a safe and kid-friendly environment for your growing family.


Home Renovation Permits Unveiled: Essential Tips to Save Money and Hassle

Discover essential tips for navigating the world of home renovation permits to save money and avoid potential hassles during your remodeling project.


Things You Need to Know About Adding an Island to Your Kitchen Remodel

Discover the essential questions to consider when adding a kitchen island. Get expert advice on size, shape, countertop material, cabinet style, & more.


Kitchen Design Ideas for Entertaining: How to Turn Your Kitchen Into an Entertainment Hub

Discover modern kitchen design ideas to create a functional entertainment hub in your kitchen. Solve the congestion problem; make entertaining a breeze with these creative solutions.

connecting-indoor-and -outdoor-spaces-in-your-home

10 Design Ideas for Seamlessly Connecting Your Home's Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Connecting indoor and outdoor spaces: 10 design ideas that will create a harmonious flow & maximize natural light year-round.


How to Design a Streamlined Kitchen for Better Cooking & Entertaining

Discover how to create a functional and inviting kitchen space with these tips on streamlined kitchen design for efficient cooking and entertaining.


The Insider's Guide to Home Renovation Timelines: Plan Your Project Like a Pro

Plan your home renovation project like a pro with this guide to home renovation timelines. Avoid unexpected delays with Patrick A. Finn’s expert advice.


Small Kitchen, Big Solutions: Ways to Maximize Your Cabinet and Countertop Space

Discover solutions to help you create more kitchen countertop and kitchen cabinet space for a more enjoyable cooking and entertaining experience.


Design-Build Construction vs. Traditional Methods: Know the Key Differences

Discover the key differences between design-build construction and traditional methods to make an informed decision for your remodeling project. Partnering with a design-build firm can simplify the process and ensure ...


How to Renovate a House While Living in It: Surviving Home Renovations

Discover practical tips and tricks to survive home renovations while still living in your house. From creating a detailed plan to establishing a temporary living space, this guide has you covered.

How to Remodel for a Low-Maintenance Home

How to Remodel for a Low-Maintenance Home

If you want a stunning home but don't have the time or desire to upkeep it, you can do several things to help make your home low maintenance. Here are a few things we recommend you do to keep your home low maintenance.

saving money on remodeling

The Top 9 Things to Do to Save Money on Your Remodel

Believe it or not, there are several places you can save money when you remodel, and they don’t all have to do with compromising on your wants and needs.

design tips

Aging in Place: 10 Design Tips for a Senior Friendly Kitchen

If you're looking for design tips for aging in place, these kitchen tips will surely give you a great idea of what to include so you don't miss anything.

Kitchen remodel trends

2023 Kitchen Remodel Ideas - Trends to Know for your Chicago Home

Stay cool! Know the current kitchen design trends and what's hot in the NW Chicago market. See kitchen design inspiration with pictures of local remodels.

automated home

Creating an Automated Home: Smart Technology for Your Chicago Home

Smart Home Features are Common in Today's Homes. Find Out the Best Smart Home Features You Should Consider for Your Home Remodel

beverage stations

Why Kitchen Beverage Stations are Popping up in Chicago Homes

A kitchen beverage station is an excellent feature to include in your Chicago kitchen remodel! We have several beverage station ideas for your remodel.


Remodeling Benefits: 8 Ways a Home Renovation Can Improve Your Health

Discover the hidden benefits of home remodeling that can improve your physical & mental health. Create a healthier living space with expert remodeling services.


Another Win at The HBAGC Key Awards! 2021 Edition

Join us in celebrating Patrick A. Finn's annual success at the prestigious HBAGC Gold Key Awards. Despite the virtual ceremony, we are proud to have been named award winners every year since 2012.

cabinet door styles

Cabinet Door Styles For Your Remodel

Cabinets can completely define the design style of your remodel. Choosing a cabinet door style can feel overwhelming at first, but we're here to help!

open floor plans

Pros & Cons of Open Floor Plans

Considering an open floor plan, but not sure if its right for you? Take a look at some of the pros and cons to help you decide!

custom cabinetry

An Ode to Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are an investment, but take a look at some of the reasons why they may be the right choice for you.

the work triangle

Kitchen Design: The Working Triangle

Kitchen Design: The Working Triangle


Let's Talk Tile Trends

Tile is a large part of both bathroom and ktichen remodels. Take a look at some popular tile trends to help you find the right tile for your home!


Universal Design Kitchen Tips

Kitchens are one of the most used areas of the home. A universal design kitchen ensures that you can enjoy the space for as long as you live in your home!

kitchen remodeling financing

Kitchen Remodeling Financing: Compare Loan Options & Financing Strategies

Kitchen Remodeling Financing: Compare Loan Options & Financing Strategies

kitchen backsplash

Your Kitchen Backsplash Guide

Your kitchen backsplash can add a great design element to your kitchen remodel. Read through our kitchen backplash guide to help you pick the right one.


Shhh! Top Secrets about Remodeling Your Kitchen that Only Contractors Know

Remodeling your kitchen? Don’t be left in the dark! Every design-build contractor knows these kitchen remodeling secrets and you should, too. Discover more.


How to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Ready to move forward on the home of your dreams? Patrick A. Finn loves helping make our clients dreams come true, so we’ve come up with this guide on achieving your dream home! Ready to get started o

luxury kitchen features

Must-Have Luxury Kitchen Features For Your Chicago Northwest Suburb Home

Check Out Our Favorite Features, Materials, and Design Ideas for a Luxury Custom Remodel in Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, and Barrington.

home additions

8 Reasons to Add On to Your Home

There are always reasons for a home add-on! Here are our top 7 reasons to think about a home addition for your Chicago area home.

kitchen drawer

Kitchen Organization: Remodeling & Cabinet Accessories

Kitchen Organization: Remodeling & Cabinet Accessories

planning a kitchen remodel

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

What a Year!

What a Year!

Another Win at the Home Builders Association Key Awards!

Another Win at the Home Builders Association Key Awards!

alternatives to granite

Looking Beyond the Bounds of Granite: 10 Alternatives to Granite That You May Want to Consider

Looking Beyond the Bounds of Granite: 10 Alternatives to Granite That You May Want to Consider

Stainless Steel: An Everlasting Trend?

Stainless Steel: An Everlasting Trend?

Important Steps for Designing a Kitchen Addition for Your Home

Contact Patrick A, Finn, Ltd at (847) 358-4133 if you are planning a kitchen addition for your home to discuss your project with a design professional.

Modern kitchen remodeling advice for homes in Barrington

Modern kitchen remodeling advice for homes in Barrington

Kitchen Storage Styles in Arlington Heights and Barrington

Kitchen Storage Styles in Arlington Heights and Barrington

New Year, New House - Part 1 - The Kitchen

New Year, New House - Part 1 - The Kitchen

Builders of Hope

Builders of Hope

Open Concept?

Open Concept?


Maximize Your Space with Functional Built-in Banquette Seating

Discover how custom built-in banquette seating can maximize your space by making it more functional and beautiful.