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Home Renovation Permits Unveiled: Essential Tips to Save Money and Hassle

Discover essential tips for navigating the world of home renovation permits to save money and avoid potential hassles during your remodeling project.


Design-Build Construction vs. Traditional Methods: Know the Key Differences

Discover the key differences between design-build construction and traditional methods to make an informed decision for your remodeling project. Partnering with a design-build firm can simplify the process and ensure ...

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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Its Time for Your Annual Spring Check Up

Ensure your home is ready for spring with this comprehensive checklist. From inspecting your systems to fixing leaks, this guide will help you maintain your home's health and save money in the long run.

How to Remodel for a Low-Maintenance Home

How to Remodel for a Low-Maintenance Home

If you want a stunning home but don't have the time or desire to upkeep it, you can do several things to help make your home low maintenance. Here are a few things we recommend you do to keep your home low maintenance.


How to Winterize Your Home: Stay Warm, Save Money, and Avoid Stress

Discover practical tips to create a snug haven and protect your home from winter's grip. Stay warm, save money, and avoid stress with our comprehensive guide.

maintenance checklist

The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist for Your Chicago Home

Maintain Your Investment With Our Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist for Your Chicago Home and Download Our Printable Home Maintenance Checklist.


Built In Benefits: Bookshelves and Home Office Built In Ideas for Chicago Homes

Great ideas for built-in storage like built-in bookshelves, built-in cabinets, and built-in shelves. Learn how built ins can benefit your Chicago home’s design!


Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

Whether you're looking to update the curb appeal of your home for a future sale, or just for yourself, here are some great ideas to consider.

what to remodel before selling

What to Remodel Before Selling Your Home

Selling your home but don’t want it labeled as a “fixer-upper?” Read on to learn home remodeling projects that can help your home increase in value and avoid this label.

Thinking About a Home Remodel? Read Our Home Remodeling Tips!

Thinking about getting started on your own home remodel? Read our tips for home remodeling before getting started!

timeless home remodel

8 Timeless Ways To Improve Your Home

Looking to improve your Chicagoland home and don’t know where to start? Read on to learn 8 timeless ways to improve your home. Home improvement projects will add value and increase the enjoyment of yo

aging in place

Our Favorite Aging in Place Features

Did you know that people live longer, healthier lives when living independently? The best way to do this as you grow older? Aging in place remodels. We believe everybody should have the opportunity to

home additions

8 Reasons to Add On to Your Home

There are always reasons for a home add-on! Here are our top 7 reasons to think about a home addition for your Chicago area home.

planning a kitchen remodel

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

contractor questions

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Contractor before Making the Hire

Call Patrick A. Finn, Ltd. at (847) 358-4133 to discuss your project in the North Chicago suburbs with our home designers.

When Mold Strikes, What to Do!

When Mold Strikes, What to Do!