18 Home Remodeling Trends in 2023 That You'll Love

You're ready to plan your next renovation in Chicago. The latest 2023 remodeling trends are here, from bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms. Find out what home improvement and design trends are sticking around from past years and..

Remodeling Your Chicago Home for Energy Efficiency in 2023 - Tax Credits and Features

Your Chicago area remodel has the potential to not only freshen up your space and relieve current frustrations you have with your home but also save you on energy costs and qualify you for tax incentives. How can your remodel do all that? The..

Creating an Automated Home: Smart Technology for Your Chicago Home

Smart home technology is soon to become indispensable in home remodeling and design. From the bathroom and kitchen to the basement and backyard, smart home features bring convenience, energy efficiency, safety, and comfort to your life. 

Home Renovation Ideas for your Barrington Equestrian Property

Barrington Hills is synonymous with “equestrian living”. It's Chicago’s well-known equestrian community with its rolling hills, trails, clubs, equestrian events, and gracious 5-acre lots of horse-friendly properties. Many folks have their own barns,..

Top 2022 Remodeling Trends for your Chicago Home Makeover

2022 is going to be a great year for spectacular home makeovers in Chicago. As the outside world continues to be unpredictable, creating the ideal home space in all rooms, and in all ways, has become a passion for everyone. What is in store for your..

All About Herringbone - Flooring, Backsplash, and More

Approximately five years ago, herringbone began to steal the hearts of homeowners across the U.S and beyond. Today, that trend has only strengthened. Perhaps we’re attracted to the Parisian elegance of the pattern (it was, after all, used to adorn..

2020 Design Trends We Love

2019 has come and gone and 2020 is officially here! With the new year comes new trends and the continued rising of existing trends. If you hear the word ‘trend’ and worry about a home that looks great for a year, but quickly looks outdated, don’t..