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Home Addition Benefits: Helping Multi-Generation Families Remain in Their Homes

Home Addition Benefits: Helping Multi-Generation Families Remain in Their Homes

When individuals make the decision to begin a family, one of the initial steps they typically take is purchasing a home, especially if they do not already own one. This implies that families usually find a suitable residence either before having children or when their families are still young. At that point, they may not foresee how much their family will expand in the future.

It is not uncommon for homes to end up accommodating multi-generational families, even if this was not the original plan when the house was purchased. If a family starts to outgrow their current home after residing there for several years, relocating to a larger house can be both a hassle and a costly endeavor. Additionally, it may also come with emotional challenges if there is a sentimental attachment to the current house. In many instances, opting for home additions can be a more favorable and financially feasible alternative.

This article explores the advantages of adding an addition to a home for multi-generational families, allowing them to stay in their current residence instead of relocating.

What are Home Additions?

Home additions refer to the process of adding new spaces to a house that were not part of its original floor plan. These additional areas can range from extra bedrooms to new kitchens or recreational spaces. Home addition services cater to the needs of growing families or multi-generational households who require more space but prefer to stay in their current homes.

Newly painted exterior of a North American home during summertime with green grass and flower beds


The Benefits of Home Additions

Home addition services provide the opportunity to expand your home without the need to relocate. With a new addition, you have complete creative freedom to transform the space into whatever you require. For instance, if your family is growing and you require additional bedrooms, you can add a new one. Similarly, if your home only has one bathroom but too many people are competing for it, you can consider adding a new bathroom through home additions. It is advisable to discuss the concept with your family and determine the type of new space that would be most advantageous before exploring home addition options.

Another advantage of home additions is that they can ultimately be a more cost-effective option compared to moving into a larger house. If you decide to sell your current home and move into a bigger one, the new property will likely have a higher value due to its size. Additionally, there are various fees associated with the transaction, especially if you enlist the help of a real estate agent. Consequently, the move can potentially result in financial loss. On the other hand, opting for home addition services tends to be more affordable than the overall cost of relocating to a bigger house. Moreover, these additions can actually enhance the resale value of your home, helping you recoup some of the money spent on the addition.

If your family loves the home that you are in but is dangerously close to outgrowing it, you can add on more space with home addition services. These services usually begin with a consultation with a design-build contractor to design the new space and gather the needed materials, and once the design is complete, the building crews will handle the construction and ensure that the new space blends seamlessly into your existing floor plan. 

To begin the process of planning your home addition, download the eBook "Home Addition 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Planning a Family-Friendly Addition."