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New Year, New House - Part 2 - The Bathroom

New Year, New House - Part 2 - The Bathroom











We started the New Year talking about a few renovations or remodels, some big, some small, that can transform your home into a new space.  Kitchens were the first space we discussed.  They are often the heart of the home - where families gather.  But the second room that most of us want to transform is our bathrooms.  Whether you are thinking about updating a powder room, hall bath, or master bath suite, there are some basic updates you can do to all three.

Plan to deep clean and organize your bathrooms.  How often do you really deep clean your bathroom?  Okay - probably not as often as you would really like.  So take some time to get down and clean - the fixtures, the floor, maybe even wipe down the walls.  It is amazing how a good cleaning will transform your space and make it look and feel so much better.

It is also great to organize your bath spaces and contain and store your bathroom essentials.  Even if you do not have a lot of space, consider space saving organization, such as shelves, under the sink organizers, or over the toilet cabinets.  Clear plastic containers also help organize small items such as medicines or makeup and can stack nice and neat on the shelves of your linen cabinet.

Paint is always a great transformation, especially in bathrooms.  Small spaces can be transformed by a clean bright color.  Just make sure to use a semi-gloss or gloss finish and a paint the is best suited for high moisture areas.  If you do not want to paint the whole room, focus on an accent wall.

Maybe you are not looking for a total overhaul but rather just a quick face-lift.  Try changing up your accessories.  Buy new towels, soap dispenser, towel racks and maybe even a new mirror.  A little more change can be achieved by changing your light fixture or faucets.  Most of these call for minor remodeling skills and can give you a big bang for your buck.

For a total overhaul - consider your design first.  Does the layout work for you?  Can you add more space?  What style fixtures do you want in your new space?  If you decide on a major renovation, for a bathroom it is best to take everything back to the studs so you can make sure there are no problems and that each step is done right.  This is also a great time to add extra insulation for sound on the interior walls or heat transference on the exterior walls.  Check out our PORTFOLIO for some great bathroom ideas!