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Our Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

Our Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

What questions do you have about remodeling, the design-build model, or just our company in general? We're here to help you navigate any stage in the process or just get some answers for the future.

Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions and answers!

Q: How Many Years Have You Been in Business?

We've been in business since 1991, making this year officially our 30th year anniversary! We're excited to celebrate this milestone. Read more about Patrick A. Finn here.

Q: Does Patrick A. Finn Offer Financing?

Yes! We have a financing partner who can help you determine what type of financing would be best for your project. If you have a variety of large projects that you're looking to tackle in your home, we are happy to help you create a "master plan" of your home design. This helps us all to ensure that each design idea is cohesive with the next and that no work is 'undone' in the future. Learn about our financing options here.

Q: What Is Design-Build?

Design-build simplifies the construction process by having the design team, project development team, and construction team all under one roof. Our team can answer all your initial questions, design your remodel, and build it. We truly are a one-stop shop that saves time and money.

Q: Do You Provide Free Estimates?

During our initial appointment, we will be sure to discuss similar projects to yours and help you determine a ballpark range for your project based on our experience and previous projects. However, to get an exact price, we must first design the project. There are too many variables in the design process for anyone to truly be able to give an exact, accurate estimate without a detailed design. Learn about the Patrick A. Finn process here.

Beware of accepting free estimates from contractors, as you may ultimately end up paying more in the end. Read why here.

Q: How Do I Know What to Budget for My Project?

It's difficult to determine what to budget for a remodel without having gone through similar work in the past, so it's normal to be unsure of what to budget for your project. To help homeowners in the beginning stages, we have created a Cost Guide with some examples. 

Q: What If My Project and Budget Don't Align?

For many, remodeling a home will be one of the largest investments they make in their life. Oftentimes, potential clients have a variety of projects to complete in their homes but are on a limited budget. We often create a "master plan" for homes, with the ultimate goal of building out the project in phases. Creating this master plan allows us to ensure that the final home will feel well-designed and cohesive. 

Q: Do You Have Your Own Carpenters?

Yes, we have a team of carpenters who have been with us for years. They each have a high-quality standard and would love to craft the home of your dreams.

Q: Do You Have A Designer?

Yes, our design team will help you with the initial 3D modeling of your home all the way through the selecting each product that will be installed in your home. Remodeling is more fun when you have a designer alongside you from the very beginning. 

Q: Why Do You Use Any Subcontractors If You Have In-House Carpenters?

Our carpenters and subcontractor trade partners have different responsibilities and skill sets. Each trade member specializes and is licensed in their unique trade. Our trade partners help us to ensure the highest quality and safety in relation to their trade. Each of them has had a working relationship with us for years and has passed a background check. We'll only allow the highest quality professionals into your home. 

Q: Will You Install Materials That I Have Already Bought?

Unfortunately, we do not work on projects where the material is already provided. We have attempted this in the past, which leads to schedule issues when products arrive damaged, late, or missing parts. 

When we provide the materials, we can rely on our vendors and trade partners to stand behind the quality, timely delivery, and receiving the appropriate product information. This process and these relationships save time and money throughout the project. 

Q: Are You Licensed and Insured?

Yes, we are licensed and insured. This provides protection for us as a contractor and you as a homeowner. 

Q: How Does Permitting Work?

We will handle all permit paperwork and village communication on your behalf.  During construction, we will schedule and sit for all of our village inspections and report back to you after each one. 

Read all about the permitting process in this article, "Home Renovation Permits Unveiled: Essential Tips to Save Money and Hassle."

Q: How Will I Know If My Project Is On Schedule?

We use a project management software called Co-Construct, which houses a schedule for your project. You have 24/7 access to this schedule, which is updated throughout your project. You are also given weekly updates on what to expect each day for your project. Communication is key to a successful remodeling project, and Co-Construct helps this significantly. 


Download the eBook "Patrick A. Finn's Ultimate Blueprint to Creating Your Dream Home" to learn how Patrick A. Finn's systematic process enables thoughtful, functional, and sustainable custom home building and home renovations in Arlington Heights, Barrington, & Northwest Chicago Suburbs.