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How to Upgrade your Chicago Renovation with Elevated Design Details

How to Upgrade your Chicago Renovation with Elevated Design Details

The best thing about working with a design-build remodeling firm is the emphasis placed on the planning and design phase of the project. At Patrick A. Finn in the  Chicago suburbs, we spend considerable time and effort helping our clients pick out the right design, style, and functionality details, discussing how they would work in everyday life and how they will fare as the years go by. When it comes to creating a space that will truly enchant, dazzle, and work for years to come, planning the right details matters a lot. Today, we want to talk about some of those important remodeling design details to consider in the planning phase.

How to Design a Renovation

Storage Solutions

Custom Cabinetry

Using Natural Light

Small Remodeling Design Details

Plumbing Faucets, Fixtures, and Hardware

Cabinetry Hardware

Tile, Stone, and Glasswork

Light Fixtures

How to Design a Renovation: Functional Design Details

First and foremost, your renovation has to work for you. You want to create a space that is effortless to live in, saves you time, energy, and money, and looks amazing while doing all of that. Let’s talk about a few of the most important ways you can accomplish this in your remodeling project:

1. Storage Solutions

We have never had a client tell us they have too much storage space. It’s unimaginable. Storage space should always be part of your overall renovation plan, and there are so many creative and useful ways to make it work. For example, under-the-stairs storage is often underutilized, and it’s a creative way to add more storage. Building custom shelving under the stairs or even turning the stairs themselves into handy storage drawers are two ideas that aren’t new, but they’ve been underused in homes for decades. Walls are another simple place to look for storage ideas. Custom shelving and cabinets can line the walls in many rooms, keeping the space neat and tidy by providing you with places to keep your miscellaneous items out of sight. Our design-build experts will examine your current floor plan to see where any currently wasted space can be converted into easy-to-use, convenient storage that improves your life.


2. Custom Cabinetry

Taking the storage space idea a step further, custom cabinetry is a marvel in any updated kitchen, but it can shine in many areas of the home. Creating additional drawer storage, slide-out accessories, and lazy-Susan cabinets that eliminate the need for difficult reaches to grab things is a must. Customized organizers and cabinet dividers keep everything in its place, helping you easily stay organized.

dark wood kitchen cabinets in remodel in chicago-1

3. Using Natural Light

One of the most important details we consider during the design phase is how to enhance and harness natural light to improve not only the design aesthetic but also for energy-saving and quality-of-life purposes. The science is clear on how beneficial natural light is for both your physical and mental health. Increasing the flow of natural light can also prevent you from reaching for the electric light switch each time you enter a room. Natural light is easier on the eyes and promotes better sleep at night. What’s more, intelligent angling of windows and awnings can increase the amount of natural sunlight that shines into rooms on cold winter days while improving shade on hot summer days, helping you to save money on heating and cooling.


Small Remodeling Design Details for a Big Impact

In addition to all of those critical functional details that will improve your life, there are small design details that can have a big impact on the look and feel of your overall remodeling project. For example:

1. Plumbing Faucets, Fixtures, and Hardware

There are some great statement faucets and fixtures for your sinks, showers, and tubs. In addition to considering how they fit into your overall design scheme, consider ease of use as well. Brushed brass, matte black, and polished nickel are all very popular finishes. If you don't want to commit to a bold finish, you can consider choosing a two-tone plumbing fixture, which will give you more flexibility in your design. 


2. Cabinetry Hardware

It can be a lot of fun picking out the knobs and handles for your cabinetry. These items, again, need to work easily and cause minimal hassle during the day. Fortunately, there are thousands of different designs that can fit the bill for functionality while they also take your cabinet design to the next level. You'll want to take size and scale into account when choosing your cabinetry hardware. 

navy hale cabinets in kitchen remodel

3. Tile, Stone, and Glasswork

When we talk about statement pieces in a home remodeling project, tile, stone, and glasswork patterns generate a lot of excitement. Patterns can be as simple as monochromatic geometric designs or as intricate as mosaics in different colors. One of our favorites is encaustic tile with muted but colorful patterns. This is definitely a place you can customize to set your space apart from the crowd.

chicago kitchen remodeling with copper hood

4. Light Fixtures

As you select light fixtures, we will help you plan for the ambient, task, and accent lighting to give your space just the right mood and illumination to perform tasks, highlight design features, and look amazing all on its own. Lighting can help level up simpler spaces like an office or bedroom. 

pendant icicle lighting above kitchen island

Design-Build Remodeling in Chicago

It can take some thought and consideration to come up with the design details that will truly elevate your renovation project. It can be tough to narrow down the details, but with an expert design-build team on your side, you can create a remodeling plan that truly meets your functionality and style needs. 

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