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6 Tips on How to Control Remodeling Costs from the Design Phase

6 Tips on How to Control Remodeling Costs from the Design Phase

Many Chicago homeowners dream of remodeling their homes but lie awake at night thinking about friends whose remodeling project costs went over budget, sometimes drastically so. Digging a little deeper, however, it usually becomes clear that the contractor failed to thoroughly assess the client’s needs and the home’s condition during the design phase, which is also part of the budgeting phase. It’s so important to choose a Chicago design-build firm that will help you fully evaluate all of your options and how to budget for them during the design phase. This can help keep remodeling costs on budget by helping you avoid change orders, accurately budget for materials and labor, and even help the project stay on schedule. Whether you're looking for kitchen remodeling costs, bathroom remodeling costs, or additions, these are excellent ways to control the cost.

Budgeting for Renovation Costs

Planning ahead and understanding all the aspects of your renovation budget will help you make wise choices during the design phase with your design-build firm. The more planning up-front, the less likely you are to run into surprises, although those may still come up from time to time. But the design phase process should help you keep those surprises to a minimum. Remember that the renovation costs include more than just the prices of labor and materials. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’ll need to budget for meals out. You may need to factor in a few nights at the hotel, possible pet daycare, and permitting costs. The team here at Patrick A. Finn has years of experience working with clients on these budgets and details, so we can help you bring a smart budget together.

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As we plan together, we’ll look at many aspects of the budget, including these 6 critical ways of controlling remodeling cost overruns.

1. Keep the Existing Floor Plan

It’s important to evaluate your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC during any remodeling project to make any necessary upgrades. If they are in good shape, however, you may be able to leave them as is. You can also save a considerable amount of money if you don’t stray too far from the floor plan as it is. As we go through the design phase, we can find incredible and creative ways to use the space you already have in new, fresh ways so that you can keep a similar footprint but maximize the style and functionality of the space.

dark wood kitchen cabinets with pendant lighting in chicago kitchen remodel

2. The Right Materials Matter

By the right materials, we mean choosing the most appropriate, high-quality, durable, low-maintenance materials upfront. While they may cost more initially, the idea is that they will pay for themselves over time by not breaking or wearing out, and by being easy to care for. In many cases, we have inside knowledge of great materials at lower prices from various sources. Choosing classic, durable materials will also keep the resale value high over the years if you ever decide to sell.

3. If It Works, Don’t Change It

While we adore luxurious items like wide-planked, hand-scraped flooring as much as anyone, if materials like your current hardwood floors are in good shape, maybe a surface update is all you need to freshen up the look. Think about the things you still love about your rooms as they are now, and we can help you tie the old and new together seamlessly, which can also help keep the remodeling project costs at bay.

white kitchen backsplash with wall mounted range hood in chicago suburbs

4. Bundle Upgrades at the Same Time

It is always a good idea to do deep renovations when you’re remodeling and update whatever you need to update behind the walls. For example, if you are planning a remodeling project on an older home, and you know that your electrical system needs an upgrade, do those things at the same time. Another example: If you are replacing windows, doors, or walls, it’s a good time to update the insulation too. This saves labor costs and time.

5. Dial-Up Energy Efficiency

In addition to using greener, more sustainable materials, and building practices, we make sure to incorporate smart, energy-saving technologies into your renovation. This will lower your energy bills. You can also save water with high-efficiency fixtures, faucets, and appliances as well.


6. Work with Your Chicago Design-Build Professionals as You Budget

When you try to go it alone on a Chicago remodeling project, there are so many unknowns and trade secrets that you may not know about that may prevent you from controlling remodeling cost issues. When you work with Patrick A. Finn, however, we can apply our experience to every aspect of the planning and design phase to help you save time, save headaches, get the best value, and save money. This leads to fewer unpleasant surprises while getting the home remodeling project you dream of.

How to Keep Chicago Remodeling Costs Under Control

Schedule a consultation with the Patrick A. Finn team, and we will personally help you through every step of the planning, design, and construction phases of your remodeling project.

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