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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

The leaves are changing and the mornings have a chill in the air. Fall has officially sprung in Chicagoland. While fall is one of our favorite seasons to do fun outdoor activities with friends and family, it is also an important time to check in on your home maintenance. We’re here to help you get your home prepared for the cooler weather with our Fall Home Maintenance Checklist. 

Ground and Yard:

  • Clear area wells, window wells, and storm drains
  • Check driveway and sidewalks for cracks
  • Check the yard for settlement and soil erosion
  • Fall yard clean up to include pruning trees and shrubs, as well as trimming any dead branches
  • Plant any fall bulbs

Doors and Windows:

  • Check doors, windows and trim for finish failure
  • Check for broken glass and damaged screens
  • Check weather stripping for damage and tightness of fit
  • Check caulking at doors and windows, and all other openings
  • Consider swapping your screen door with a solid storm door

Exterior Walls: 

  • Check masonry for cracks and loose joints
  • Check paint surface for any areas that need touch ups
  • Check siding and trim for damage or decay


  • Check for damaged or loose shingles, or blistering of the roof
  • Check underside of roof, where accessible, for water stains or dampness
  • Check for damaged flashing
  • Check for damaged gutters and downspouts
  • Clean out your gutters and downspouts and ensure they are draining properly 
  • Check vents, louvers, and chimney caps
  • Check fascias and soffits for any decay or need for paint touch ups
  • Check masonry chimneys

Interior Surfaces: 

  • Check all grout between tiles
  • Check caulking around tubs, showers, sinks and countertops
  • Check for any paint touch ups on walls and trim


  • Check for wear and damage, especially any transitions where one material meets another
  • Deep clean carpets 


  • Check flush ales, faucets, hose bibs, supply and drainage piping- including those in your basement and crawl space
  • Check water heater 
  • Verify that your plumbing has sufficient insulation surrounding it to avoid any pipes bursting in the cold weather
  • Ensure all shut off valves are working properly
  • Shut off exterior water and drain the hoses to avoid freezing

Electrical System: 

  • Check conditions of outlets, extension cords, lamp cords and plugs. 
  • Check exposed and overhead wiring for damage

HVAC System: 

  • Clean or change air filters as required
  • Clean dirt and dust from around your furnace
  • Schedule annual check up for the system (Even if it’s pushed out, it’s best to get is scheduled. Maintenance prevents expensive system repairs!)
  • Schedule a duct cleaning and be sure the have your dryer vent cleaned as well

Foundation and Basement: 

  • Inspect for signs of termite infestation
  • Check grading to assure that water will drain away from the foundation
  • Check basement or crawlspace for dampness and/ or leaking following wet weather
  • Check for any cracks in basement or crawlspace

Decks and Porches:

  • Inspect for any termite damage or structural damage
  • Check for any areas that need paint or staining touch ups 
  • Check concrete for any damage, cracks, sinking, or animals burrowing below
  • Check railings to make sure they are strong and stable for slippery leaves and ice

Taking these steps will help keep your home in tip top shape this fall! As you go through the list, it may be wise to make note of the items you can handle yourself, and those that may require some professional assistance. If you need a hand with anything on this maintenance list, give us a call today! We’d be happy to help you prepare your home for the cooler months.


While maintenance can be a bit time consuming, your home is one of your greatest assets and keeping it strong and healthy will suit you best in the long run. Have a great fall, everyone!





Written By Katie Finn