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25 Great Paint Projects that can be Completed this Labor Day Weekend!

Custom Built-Ins that Fit your Space

Room Dividers on Houzz!

DIY: Chalkboard Paint!

Custom Built-Ins that Fit Your Space

Bookshelves - Lot of Storage in a Little Space A custom designed bookcase can offer solutions to meet your exact storage needs.  Yes you can run out to the store and buy a bookcase and it will store your books, but will it fit your space and utilize..

Custom Tile for your Bathroom

Monochromatic and Achromatic: Bathrooms often have a lot happening in a small space.  There are fixtures, towels, and accessories that fill the room, so often a monochromatic or achromatic color scheme can create a background palate open to many..

Custom Tile Designs

Tile is used in so many places in your home, the floors, the kitchen back-splash, the shower, the bathtub, the walls.  So it offers a very important design element that can shape the style and visual appeal of your home.  There are many different..