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top paint colors

Top 6 Paint Colors Chicago Homeowners Love According to a Top Remodeler

If you're looking for the best cabinet colors to include in your Chicago home renovation, whether it be your kitchen or bathroom, these are the top colors!

lakes and beaches in Chicago

Top 10 Gorgeous Lakes & Beaches Near Chicago

Explore the stunning lakes and beaches near Chicago with our curated list. Plus, uncover the key to transforming your home with our step-by-step renovation guide.

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elevated kitchen renovation

How to Upgrade your Chicago Renovation with Elevated Design Details

How to Design a Renovation: 1. Storage Solutions. 2. Custom Cabinetry. 3. Using Natural Light. Small Remodeling Design Details: 1. Plumbing Faucets, Fixtures, and Hardware. 2. Cabinetry Hardware. 3. Tile, Stone, and ...