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Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

So today's blog is going to be short, sweet and to the point.  We are fast approaching the holiday weekend and all you can think about is kicking back, putting your feet up and enjoying some time off.  But, in case you want to labor a little over your labor day weekend, I have a few quick project ideas that you can finish in a weekend or less.

- Re-arrange your furniture to give any room a fresh look and a new feel.

- Paint an accent wall your favorite color and add a bright splash to a room.

- Create your own art!  Buy a canvas or two and some acrylic paints and brushes at your local art store and create a one of a kind art piece for your home.

- Create a beautiful fall floral arrangement using either fresh or silk flowers to welcome the coming season.

- Organize your cabinets or closets.  While it won't look like much from the outside, you will be surprised at how much more storage space you create.

- Wash your windows, inside and out.  As fall approaches the days get shorter.  Make sure your windows are clean to take advantage of as much of the available sunlight as possible.

- Clean out the garage or basement.  Plastic storage containers and bins are on sale all over the place this time of year.  Use them to organize as well as protect your storage items from dust, bugs, and mildew.

So, if you decide to do a little work this weekend, I hope these ideas have helped inspire your own weekend projects around the house.  It is amazing what only a few hours of work can accomplish around the home.