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An Ode to Custom Cabinetry

An Ode to Custom Cabinetry

One of the most frequently discussed topics with our potential clients is all about custom cabinetry. Are custom cabinets worth it? (Hint, yes!!) If you’ve remodeled a kitchen or bathroom with us in the past, you likely proudly open your custom cabinets on a daily basis and see our logo stamped in the drawers. We love custom cabinets! Once our clients understand all of the benefits of custom cabinets, they quickly grow to love them too! So what are those benefits? Today, we’re diving into what makes custom cabinetry so great. 

custom cabinets

Flexibility in Size 

Cabinet sizes are key to maximizing storage in your home. Most box store cabinets are only available in 3’’ increments. If you have a large space and don’t need to maximize storage, that may work just fine for you. However, if you have a smaller space and are looking to utilize every possible bit of space, then custom cabinets are truly the way to go. Custom cabinetry allows you to design your cabinets down to a fraction of an inch. This goes for upper cabinets, lower cabinets and drawers as well. Custom sizing means that the actual box of your cabinet can be larger as well. In standardized sizes, you may need to use large filler pieces to finish a space. This is not the case with more custom options. Each space that would have had a filler piece, can now be actual usable space for storage. This is immensely helpful for both kitchens and bathrooms. 


Color Options 

Whether you prefer stained or painted cabinets, custom cabinetry can meet your needs. Many people choose to mix finishes to add visual interest to their space. This is especially common in kitchen remodels. For example, you may choose to accent your island or upper cabinets, while keeping your base cabinets a more neutral tone. While it isn’t uncommon for box store or semi-custom cabinets to have both stain and painted options, they tend to only offer a few options to keep manufacturing efficiency. When it comes to custom cabinets, there is a myriad of options available. Our cabinet company is also able to color match any Sherwin Williams color. Imagine using your favorite paint color as the basis for your kitchen cabinets! Personalization is what separates your home from your neighbor’s. 

custom cabinets

Interior Accessories 

Cabinet accessories! Who couldn’t benefit from extra organization in their kitchen or bathroom cabinetry? Some popular custom cabinet accessories include trash roll-outs with bag storage, spice rack drawers and doors, pot and pan drawers with pegs for organization and silverware tray drawer dividers. While some of these accessories can be retrofitted into box store cabinets, it’s the sizing and further customization that take each storage option to the next level. Not only that, but with custom cabinetry, you can request storage options that fit your specific need. For example, we had a client who saw a paper towel storage solution on Pinterest. It included a rod in an upper cabinet to hold the paper towel roll. It also included a rectangular cut in the bottom of the cabinet to allow the paper towels to pull through. Our custom cabinet company created this and it was the perfect solution for her kitchen! Having the option to truly tailor your accessories makes a world of difference in the functionality of your home. 

custom cabinets

Door Styles and Overlays

Many people are familiar with door styles, but may not be as familiar with overlays. Door styles are just as they sound- the style of the cabinet door. While it may seem like a small detail, the style of your cabinet door can define your space as more traditional, contemporary or transitional. For example, a shaker door style is very popular among those who prefer a transitional style. Likewise, raised panels are popular for the traditional crowd and slab doors are popular for those who are looking for a more contemporary style. These are all great options, but for custom cabinetry the door styles don’t end there. There is a myriad of options to customize your door style to further suit your design taste. While you are considering your door style, your kitchen or bathroom designer will also likely discuss overlays with you. Overlay refers to how your door interacts with the frame of the cabinet. A full overlay is a door that completely covers the face frame of the cabinet. A marginal, or partial overlay, covers only a portion of the cabinet frame. The third option, a full inset, refers to a door that is flush with the cabinet frame by being set directly into the frame. Like door styles, each overlay leans toward a different design orientation. 

custom cabinets

Matching Your Existing Pieces 

Something our clients absolutely love is the ability to match their new cabinetry to existing furniture. As we know, high-quality furniture is an investment and many people buy pieces they plan to hold for years to come. Those who invest in a custom remodel feel the same way. So when you have the opportunity to unify your home when you remodel with custom cabinetry that mimics the pieces you’ve already chosen to invest in. One of our favorites examples is a kitchen remodel we did for a family in Arlington Heights, our Unique French Country Inspired Kitchen. The family had recently bought beautiful custom furniture while they were in New Orleans. They loved the aesthetic of their furniture and wanted to carry that same feeling into their kitchen remodel. Together we worked with our custom cabinetry company to color match their base cabinets to their existing furniture. We also mimicked the distressing of a 100 year old door that the client chose to use as a pantry door. This level of detail was only possible because of the wonderful custom cabinets. It’s those touches that completely showcase the owners’ style in their home. 

custom cabinets

Design Distinctions

In recent years, furniture style cabinetry has gained popularity. This is for good reason! Furniture style cabinets can elevate your space immensely. Custom cabinetry allows you to add various design distinctions to your remodel. Some of our favorites include cabinet legs, corbels and custom range hoods. There are also options like panels to conceal appliances, like dishwashers and fridges, which helps to create a streamlined and elegant look in kitchens. If you are looking for a luxury remodel the design options that custom cabinetry can offer help amplify the styles you love. 


While there are hundreds of reasons we (and our clients!) love custom cabinets, the above reasons are some of our favorites. Your cabinetry truly influences the style of your kitchen or bathroom remodel. The customization allows you to make your home one of a kind. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or adding custom cabinetry to any other area of your home, give us a call at 847-358-4133 to get started! We’d love to help you create the home of your dreams.