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Holiday Decorating Ideas for Fall!

Holiday Decorating Ideas for Fall!

So... before you start thinking about Christmas and the end of the year holidays, stop to give Thanksgiving a chance and spruce up you house for the autumn season.  The leaves are starting to fall and the weather is turning cold, Halloween has passed, so lets focus on some fall inspiration.

There are such great colors during the autumn season that add warmth and life to your home.  It is all about the warm  earthy tones and bringing the outdoors inside.  Try out a few of these simple seasonal decorating ideas to bring the season to your home.

Pumpkins are the standard decor for the fall season, but don't always mean you have to go orange.  There are so many different kinds and color of pumpkins, gourds, and squash that can add color to your decor.  Orange is just the beginning.  Yellow, green, white and black also available.  And if the natural colors are not what you are looking for, there is always paint.  Many people carve pumpkins for Halloween, but painting them offers a different look all together.  Gold paint in particular adds glitz and color to your fall decor.

Fresh Fall Flowers also add color and a wonderful smell to your home during the autumn season.  There are so many that bloom in the fall, so I will just offer a short list of the most common: Chrysanthemums, Freesia, Orchids, Gerber Daises, Hydrangeas, Irises, Lilies, Lavender, Poppies and Roses.  Look for these in warm colors of golds, reds, and yellows.  Add some white, green, and purple for a contrasting splash.  Create floral arrangements for around your home or as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving table.

There are several simple arrangements you can create with vases you already have around your house.  Here are four simple options:

  1. The Layered Look - Take a wide cylindrical vase that it tall enough for at least three layers.  Start with a wood base of sticks or grapevine and wrap it in a wide circle around the bottom.  Then add some nuts or acorns in the middle.  Add small gourds or pumpkins if you want.  Top with fall colored leaves (real or silk) or some fall flowers.  Let you imagination and whatever you have to use to create your own unique layer vase.
  2. The Vertical Effect - Start with a tall vase with a wide mouth.  Fill the bottom of the vase with small pumpkins , gourds, or acorns depending on the color you want.  Add tall stick and branched (either bare or with sparse leaves) to the vase at varied heights to create a tall arrangement great for a side table or floor arrangement.
  3. All-In-One - Instead of using a regular vase, create one out of a pumpkin or gourd that size of the arrangement you want.  Hollow out the insides and fill the bottom with a small amount of water (if you are using fresh flowers).  Cut fresh or silk flowers to fill the opening.  In the arrangement the simpler the better.  Keep the variety minimal and allow the container to be your focus with the flowers as an accent.
  4. Tiered Ensemble - Create different height arrangements using tiered plates or dishes or varied height candle stands.  Place small pumpkins, gourds, and candles to create a mixed arrangement that highlights the non-floral elements of the season.

Accent your look with a flame.  The warmth and glow of a fire on a cool fall day is the perfect addition to any decor.  Create a focal point around your fireplace, complimenting the fall decor with the fire.  Add candles as well for a smaller accent.  The fire and candles create the sense of fall in both the warmth and scent.  The rustic smell of the fire will add an air of fall to you home and scented candles can permeate your home with the wonderful smells of fall.

So don't rush through this wonderful fall season, instead make the most of it and create a wonderful atmosphere of retreat in your home from the cool autumn weather.