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A Warmer You this Winter

A Warmer You this Winter

In my previous post, I wrote about how to warm up your home this winter.  If you have not already,  you should check it out.  But sometimes, you can do all the right things to warm your home, but you remain slightly chilled during the winter months.  This is only natural, since it is usually cold, dark, and dreary during the winter months of our Mid-west winters.  Here are a few tips to keep warm this winter.

~Keep blankets readily available around the house.  Especially when you are watching a movie or reading a book, curl up with a heavy blanket to keep warm.  Add additional blankets to your beds for extra warmth at night.  There are also several heated blanket options, just remember to turn them off when not in use.

~Drink hot liquids to warm up your insides.  Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or cider are all great options.  Just be careful how much caffeine you consume if you are planning on going to sleep soon after.

~Layer.  Dress for the colder weather by layering several weights of clothing, or wear heavier clothing.  Keep a sweater to wear when you are in the house.  Always wear socks and slippers around the house if your feet have a tendency to get overly cold.

~After using your oven and turned it off, open it to allow the residual heat to escape.  Just using your oven adds passive heat to the surrounding areas, plus baked goods area always a good pick me up in colder weather...chocolate chip cookies anyone?

~Finally, Be Active!  Most of us get overly chilled when we are leading a sedentary lifestyle.  Sitting on the couch does not allow your blood to circulate as quickly and thus cools your body down.  So take a walk around your house, shovel snow, run up and down your stairs a few times, vacuum, play an active game or video game that gets you moving around.  This will not only help warm you up, but will be fun or productive as well.

I hope this little tips help keep you warm this winter.  Check back for more tips.

Written By: JoAnna Landers