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Last Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas

Last Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas


Holiday decorating can be overwhelming, especially when it gets this close to Christmas. Here are some ideas to help create a cohesive Christmas decor and ways to use some of those left over decorations you just don't know what to do with.


Focus the colors of  your decorations to create a room (or house) where all the decorations work together. Many different pieces can go together is they are in a similar color group.  You can focus on one accent color or a pairing of colors to create a distinct look.  Try White and Metallic for a sophisticated and clean look.  Blue and White create a winter wonderland feel that is reminiscent of ice and snow.  A Black and White theme with Red accents and natural greens is a more contemporary take on the traditional Red and Green.

Tie all your decorations together by using similar pieces in different locations throughout your house.  Using the same ornaments on your tree, mantle, and in a bowl for a table decoration can spread that color throughout your room.  Using the same decorations as a garland, a mantle cover, a centerpiece and a wreath throughout the house carries a consistent decor theme that looks pulled together and purposeful.

Personalize your decorations.  Take a plain stocking and add an initial ornament (either for each person's last or first name) and you have an instant personalized stocking for each person.  You could also use an ornament representing their favorite part of Christmas or their favorite gift.  You could even plan it as a gift and give a different ornament each year.

What do you do with all the ornaments that don't fit on your tree?  Integrate them into your garlands, hang them as a window treatment or in-between the baluster of a stair rail, collect them in a decorative bowl, tray or tied display.

Use your gifts to decorate.  Choose papers, bags, and bows the compliment your existing decor to add decoration as you finish wrapping your gifts.  Gather them under your tree or stack them in the corner for a vertical display.  Some creative wrapping ideas include decorated brown bags, newspaper, or sheet music.

And finally, candle and flowers are always a good accent in any season.  For Christmas choose colors that remind you of the holiday such as greens, reds, and whites and scents such as pine, cinnamon, apple, and sugar cookies.  These little added touches will bring color and warmth to all your decorations.

Be Creative and Enjoy decorating your home for the Holiday!