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Lower-level basement renovations in Barrington increase property value

Lower-level basement renovations in Barrington increase property value

Increase property value on Barrington homes with lower-level basement renovations

For some, an unfinished basement is just storage space. But for many, it's wasted space. Remodeling the lower level of your home can give you more living space, another bedroom or even increase the value of your home. Before you begin, be sure to keep some key factors in mind.

Barrington building codes
If you're doing your basement remodeling in Barrington, there are many building codes you'll need to follow to get your project approved by the inspector upon completion. If you're working with Patrick A Finn. Custom Homes and Remodeling, we'll take care of ensuring the design and work all meet code per the city's requirements. Not only will having your remodel meet code help you pass inspection, it will also make your home more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell in the future.

Keep resale value in mind
Adding bedrooms and additional living space like game rooms or movie-watching rooms will certainly help increase the resale value of your home in Barrington. While planning your remodel, also consider quality storage space, especially if you're finishing what used to be a storage basement.


Paying taxes
If your remodel creates new livable rooms in the home, you'll probably see an increase in your property tax statement. However, keep in mind that if the space was unfinished before, you were already paying taxes – just at a lesser amount on unused space. If your ultimate goal is to add additional living space to the home, refinishing the basement will cost you a smaller tax increase than building an addition. As an added benefit, you already have the foundation, walls, plumbing and electricity installed in the lower level. This makes remodeling a much more affordable option as well.

Basement remodeling will bring great value, not only for your family enjoyment of the home, but also for any potential resale.

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