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8 Reasons to Add On to Your Home

No matter how much you love your home, there are always ways to improve your space by adding onto your house. Even if your home was recently built, additions to your family, an unexpected need, or outdated appliances may force you to reconsider the limitations of your current space.

In this month’s post, we’ll go over 8 common reasons for adding onto your home to improve your life (and often the value of your home, too).


You Need Another Bedroom

Considering adding onto your family? Always wanted a master bedroom and your home doesn’t have one? Maybe you just want an extra bedroom for when your in-laws are visiting?

You don’t need to buy a new home to make more space!

No matter the reason, an extra bedroom can be a great way to make your home feel like it’s no longer bursting at the seams. With more room, everyone in your family will feel more comfortable.


Not Enough Bathrooms

Feel like your family is constantly battling for the shower? Do you hate having to go across the house to go the bathroom in the middle of the night?

Why not add a bathroom to your home? A new bathroom will create space and allow you to not feel like you and your family and living on top of one another.

Some reasons to add a bathroom:

  • Your growing family needs another bathroom for functional reasons
  • You want to add a bathroom as an extension to an existing bedroom
  • You want a luxurious private oasis to escape to in your home

No matter the reason, adding a bathroom is a great way to add value, and comfort, to your home.



Modernizing Your Kitchen

Feel like your kitchen is still in the 70s? Adding onto your kitchen is a great way to make your home more modern.

Older kitchens were designed solely for preparing food and generally could accommodate the one person in the house who was doing all of the cooking (and no one else).

New kitchens are designed for a for a modern lifestyle. Generally, they have a lot of space for dining, entertaining, or just hanging out with your family.

Adding onto your kitchen will allow:

  • Space for updated luxury kitchen appliances
  • You to enjoy cooking, as you will be able to prepare your meals without feeling cramped
  • A wonderful environment for entertaining guests
  • A place to relax when you get home


You Need a Place to Work

Work from home and can’t get any work done? Just need a place to do bills and personal projects in an environment designed for productivity?

Consider adding an office to your home.

Home offices can give you a place in your home where you can focus and ignore any distractions. Additionally, it is a place where children can do their homework and focus on their own projects.

Space Saving Tip: Consider putting an elegant futon in your office. This will give you a great place to relax while reading or working, while also acting as an extra bedroom for any guests visiting you from out of town.


Kids Have Taken Over Your Living Room

Sick and tired of your kids taking over your living room and want to restore it as a place for you to relax and watch TV?

We don’t blame you! Adding onto your home is the perfect solution for adding some relaxation to your life. There are two ways you can do this:

A Playroom

Playrooms are great for families who want a space for their kids to be able to play away from the main living area.

Playrooms offer a lot of benefits, including:

  • Making play dates a breeze, as it offers central locations where your child and their friends can play.
  • Allowing for a tidier home, since all toys will be in the one room (and not scattered around the house).
  • Better sleep for your children, as toys will be in the playroom and not their bedroom. This creates an environment where bedrooms are for sleeping.

A dedicated playroom will also let your kids have their own space, encouraging responsibility and allowing them to explore their interests more deeply.

An Additional Living Room

Building a new living room will allow you to design it with your exact specifications in mind. Whether that be a reading nook, a skylight or big beautiful windows for natural light, or high ceilings, you can turn your living room into a little piece of you.


Aging in Place

Have your children moved away from home? Why not update your home for the next phase of your life? You don’t have to move from your home just to have a living space that will allow you to live safely and independently.

Some options for aging in place additions:

  • Moving your master bedroom to the first floor. Often, health consideration will limit mobility to the extent that living on the first floor may just be easier.
  • Adding a bathroom. There are a number of aging in place features that make the use of your bathroom safer. Zero edge showers, shower seating, handrails, and non-slip features are all great additions for an aging in place bathroom!


You Want a Home That Represents You

Having a home you feel comfortable in is crucial to a well-balanced life. Not only will it allow you to live the life you want to lead, it will encourage you to explore what you love.

While it’s hard to find a home that fits you perfectly, home additions allow you to build out your dream home over time.


Increasing The Value of Your Home

Money put into your home will always be money well spent! While you may not be thinking of it now (or maybe you are!), any addition to your home will increase its value.

Not only will adding onto your home let you enjoy it more deeply while you are living in it, it will make your home more marketable when the time comes for you to move on from your home.

Trust your instinct. If you think your home needs a bathroom, any future buyer will probably think so, too. This will allow your home to be considered by more buyers, and allow you to recoup your investment when you finally sell your home.


Work with an Experienced Home Addition Contractor

At Patrick A. Finn, we love helping homeowners expand their homes. Our goal is to provide you with a perfect space you’ll love living in.

We’ll work with your throughout your Chicago area home addition helping with the design, the acquiring of materials and buildings permits, and managing the construction process.

To learn more about how we can help you add to your home, give us a call at 847-358-4133, or contact us online to schedule a consultation.