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5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Contractor

5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Contractor

When a family in Arlington Heights decides to take on a home building or remodeling project, they're going to interview contractors. In addition to asking for references and cost estimates/bids for the project, families should ask any contractor they interview the following five questions:

1. What kind of insurance do you have for liability, worker's
compensation and property damage?

2. Who will research/handle any approvals that need to be issued by the city? Will I receive copies of those permits/permissions?


3. Will subcontractors be used for my project? If so, who will they report to, and who will ensure they have full insurance?

4. Can I meet the foreman or supervisor who will be spending the most time on my project?

5. What will be the start/end date for my project, and will you clean up the site by that end date?

It's important to know who will be working on your project and get to know them personally before they start. Contractors who are interested in establishing a relationship with you and completing a successful project will be more than happy to provide you with these answers and more.

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