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Looking Beyond the Bounds of Granite: 10 Alternatives to Granite That You May Want to Consider

Looking Beyond the Bounds of Granite: 10 Alternatives to Granite That You May Want to Consider

Looking Beyond the Bounds of Granite: 10 Alternatives to Granite That You May Want to Consider

Granite countertops are great. They are the first counter type most of us think of when we consider a new kitchen. This is understandable due to the large price range, the varied patterns and the many places we can find granite. However, it is not the only material on the market that can add life to your kitchen. There are many alternatives to granite. Here are some other surfaces you should consider when you start your kitchen remodel...

Marble- Marble is beautiful and can add a piece of simplistic elegance to your kitchen. If you've ever thought of becoming a pastry chef, rolling out dough on marble is done with ease due to the cool temperature of the stone. Marble does have a few drawbacks including, the softness of the stone and that it stains. If you don't mind a worn look over time, or if you keep your kitchen spotless, then marble may be the choice for you.

Wood- A wooden counter, whether it occupies the entire space, or is a butcher block end to your island, can add an unsurpassed sense of warmth and comfort to your kitchen. The aspects people love about their wooden counters are the price and that any potential stains can be sanded out of the material. The wood does require oiling to prevent dryness, but that is a minor price to pay for the unique look it can add to your new kitchen counter.

Glass- If you are looking for something a bit more unique, glass may be the option for you. It can be the sleek, modern aspect that your kitchen has been missing. Glass is strong and stain resistant making it a good material to consider.

Quartz- This is one of the more popular countertops that our customers ask to be installed in their homes because of its comparable look to a natural stone and its price. People love quartz for a variety of reasons including: its strength, consistent look and feel, versatility and the fact that it does not need to be resealed.

Concrete- Concrete can start off simple and turn into a myriad of different options. You can make it your own with different colors or textures. There are even companies who add other materials like glass and stones to concrete counters to spice them up even more. To keep your concrete counter looking at its best, it is important to reseal them about once a month.

Paperstone- If you are really looking for something to set your kitchen counter apart from the ones you see in your neighborhood, you may want to give some thought to paperstone, especially if you are looking to be eco-friendly. It is made out of compressed paper, which means you can feel good about going green in your kitchen. People love it for the eco-friendly nature as well as the strength and waterproof qualities of paperstone.

Stainless steel- Stainless steel can take your simple kitchen and give it the modern or industrial flair that it needs, depending on your application. It has extreme durability in terms of strength, but it can scratch easily. These scratches can add a little extra life to the space, however if you like everything to look new, this may not be your best bet. If you have stainless steel now and are looking to change it out, don't forget that your stainless steel countertop can be recycled!

Copper- If you would like a metallic countertop, but you do not feel that stainless steel if the right fit, consider a copper counter. Copper counters, similar to wood, can add that warmth that you want in your kitchen. In certain applications, they may even provide a bit of an elegant feel. Copper naturally has germ resistant qualities, so that may be something to consider if that is something that often worries you. Similar to stainless steel, copper can also easily scratch.

Soapstone- Soapstone has great veining that can take it a step above an overly simple black countertop. It can be great for a farmhouse kitchen or for something a bit more modern. Soapstone is a great insulator and won't be easily damaged if you put a hot pan directly onto its surface. However, soapstone is a softer material and scratches with ease. It does also require maintenance oiling if you are looking for the veining to pop.

Lava Stone- Lava stone is a newer countertop that is created in France. It can be pricey due to importation, however some of the qualities that help ease that price are that lava stone is non-porous, durable as well as scratch and stain resistant. This material can come in a vast range of colors because the finish of the countertop is an enamel. So, if you are looking for something that stands out this may be the best option for your countertops in your kitchen remodel.

If you have been considering starting a kitchen remodel or a bath remodel, give us a call! We will come up with a design that uses your space and materials in a way that is unique and inviting. We would love to work with you! If you would like to get to know us, call us at 847-358-4133!