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Kitchen Storage Styles in Arlington Heights and Barrington

Kitchen Storage Styles in Arlington Heights and Barrington

Great kitchen storage styles and trends that make cooking and cleaning easier

The kitchen is the one room in the house with the most stuff. You have utensils for chopping, slicing, peeling and stirring. You have gadgets for pureeing, steaming, blending and opening cans and bottles. You have dishes to serve everything you make. Plus, you have all those ingredients. You need plenty of good storage space in your kitchen so you can organize and easily access everything you require.

In Arlington Heights and Barrington, we get a lot of requests for kitchen remodeling projects aimed at improving kitchen storage and creating a more universal design so owners can continue living in their homes as they age. Here are some of our top suggestions for improving your kitchen space:

1. Pull-out shelves - It's not easy for any adult to get down on her hands and knees to reach the pot tucked way back in that low, corner cupboard. Remedy this problem by installing pull-out shelves or drawers. We recommend making drawers of different depths so you can easily store all your pots and pans without wasting space. If you don't have a pantry in your kitchen, dedicating a drawer or two to those dry-goods items also works well.









2. Tucking recycling and garbage under the island - If you have an island with unused space underneath, consider installing a pull-out drawer with space for two large garbage cans. Dedicate one to garage and the other to recycling. It helps open up space under the sink for cleaning supplies and puts the garbage in a convenient spot when cleaning up after food prep.

3. Keeping appliances accessible - Microwaves above the stove, freezers on the top of the refrigerator and ovens under the stove are all locations where you often find appliances, but they might not be usable for all members of the family, especially the youngsters and elderly. Instead, consider a wall oven, a microwave on the counter or built into the wall, and a refrigerator with a freezer incorporated as a pull-out drawer.

4. Easy-to-use accessories - Consider the hardware on your cabinets and drawers. For older adults, knobs are not as easy to grab and pull as handles. In addition, shiny metal coloring makes the handles easier to see in low light. Soft-close technology on drawers also is a nice addition, reducing the slamming sound and the effort needed to close the drawer.


5. Organization means ease of use - An organized kitchen makes it easier to cook, clean and perform all the other jobs you do in the kitchen. Contact us for your Arlington Heights kitchen remodeling project to see what we can do for you.

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