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Open Concept?

Even without expanding your kitchen, updating the layout, style and design can make a big difference. Opening a wall or increasing the doorway between your kitchen and adjacent rooms helps create the feel of a larger space.

We have all heard this buzz word “open concept” and many family kitchens are heading in this direction.  But is it for you?  For some of us the thought that the entire world will be able to catch a first glance into the room that gets more action than any other space in the house is frightening. But for others it is a great way to keep that promise of having “eyes in the back of your head” being able to cook while you assist with homework and attempt that food network recipe for dinner!

Think about your priorities: how many people will be cooking and gathering? Could you use your adjacent living room or dining room as an extension of the kitchen? Possibly forgo the formal dining room and convert it into informal dinning with homework stations? Would you benefit from having an island where you can do your prep work and also double as a serving area? These changes can help make your life much easier as you attempt to integrate many tasks into one central location.

Or you might be somewhere in the middle?  Maybe open up the kitchen a touch and incorporate the dining room and still have some division of space from your living room. This was just the ticket for one of our clients. Check out these before and after photos and see if this concept could work in your home?

Give me a call and let’s see how we can open up your kitchen!

By: Monika Ross

Senior Designer at Patrick A. Finn LTD.

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