Basement Finishing Inspiration for Your Home

Finished basements can add a multitude of usable space to your home for everyone in the family. If finishing your basement is something that you’ve been giving some thought to, but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help! An unfinished basement is a blank canvas. There are so many different ways to transform the space. You may feel overwhelmed when planning out your basement remodel. Try taking it back a step and determining which areas of your home feel tight and how could a finished basement alleviate some of that? In today’s blog, we’re reviewing some of the popular areas to consider when it comes time to finish your basement. 

home office


Home Office

Working from home has gained popularity in recent years. With one of more members of a family working from home, many people are left wishing they had a dedicated home office. Typically homeowners create a makeshift office wherever they can. That may include a spare corner of their bedroom, living room, or basement. However, if that spare corner just isn’t enough it may be worth designing an area of your basement to be your dedicated home office. With more space you can have a proper desk, a printer and storage for all of your paperwork. Organization can help to boost productivity and lessen stress, so why not? This could also be designed to be a flexible space. It could serve as a home office by day and homework station in the evenings. 



Storage and organization is something most of us crave. When everything has a dedicated home, we are more likely to stay organized. This is something you may want to factor into finishing your basement. Storage in basements can be created in a variety of different ways. Typically, people will utilize space under the stairs as well as an extra storage closet to maximize their organizational options. The space under the stairs is good for taller items, while the storage closets can be built out to include shelving for seasonal items and storage boxes.

basement finishing wet bar

Wet Bar

Wet bars, or even kitchenettes, are a great addition to any basement remodel. As a part of your finished basement, it can help take the space that was once dark and dreary to an exciting place to entertain. A functional wet bar usually includes: a small sink, a beverage cooler, cabinetry and shelving. If there’s room, you may even be able to add a dishwasher. Just like that your basement becomes a great place to have friends and family over for holidays and parties.  


Kids Corner

We’ve covered a lot of options for the adults in the house, but what if you have young kids that want to enjoy the finished basement as well? Include a kids corner or playroom specifically for them! This area can have padded flooring for them to play on safely. Many people also consider adding some sort of cubbie storage area to the kids corner. This is an easy way to keep the space looking tidy when they’re done playing. The kids corner can be used for them to play with toys, play games, do arts and crafts and more. If your kids are artistic, maybe consider adding a chalkboard or dry erase wall to that section of the basement. As the children grow up, this area can easily be transitioned into a space for teens or adults by converting it to additional living space. 

basement finishing living space

Living Space

If part of the reason you’re contemplating finishing your basement is because you feel like you’re running out of living space upstairs, talk to your design build remodeler about your needs. How many people would you like to fit comfortably in the living area of the basement? Have you given thought to what kind of furniture you’re going to use there? How often will you use this space? Is it going to be for daily overflow or people from upstairs or primarily for large gatherings? While this is a lot to consider, all of this will dictate how much of your basement should be allocated to living space. 

powder room


If you do plan to utilize your basement as extra entertaining space, it may be worth your while to explore adding a bathroom to the space. Many unfinished basements are already roughed in for the bathroom plumbing when they are built. The question now becomes, should that be a full bathroom or just a powder room? This is completely dependent on your personal needs and goals. If you have friends and family that visit from out of town, consider adding a full bathroom for them to use. It does help resale to increase your bedroom and bathroom count of your home. That being said, if this is just a place for local friends and family to utilize, maybe you only need a powder room. 

basement finishing home gym

Home Gym

With more and more of us being tight on time, a home gym can help you get in your regular workout. For some, it is a small corner or room with matted flooring, some hand weights and a couple of mats. For others, it may include matted flooring, machinery, benches, mirrors and maybe even a tv. If you plan to utilize large machinery, ensure that the opening to the room is big enough to get the machines in place. You may want to consider a double door to help with this. If you plan to store any weights or equipment on the wall, talk to your design build remodeler first. It is important to reinforce that section of the basement during the framing portion of the project. This will ensure the wall is strong enough to support the additional weight. 

A finished basement can be a workhorse filled with space for productivity and entertaining. When a basement remodel is properly planned with your design build remodeler the space will flow seamlessly from one ‘room’ to another. Just like with any remodel, be sure to discuss all of your needs and wants upfront to ensure the design is perfect for your lifestyle. If you’ve been thinking about finishing your basement, contact us today! We’d love to help you design and build the perfect basement!

successful virtual design meeting

Keys to a Successful Virtual Design Meeting

Each day, more and more states are calling their citizens to shelter in place due to the spread of COVID-19. This means that us Illinoisans are spending our days primarily at home for the next couple of weeks. But that doesn’t mean that you have to put a halt on any remodeling plans that you were considering. Remodelers across the country, the Patrick A. Finn, LTD. team included, are scheduling virtual design meetings to help you plan out your remodel. We’re here to tell you how to make that meeting a success!


Picking a Platform

To make the most out of your virtual design meeting, you’ll need to know what to prepare prior to the meeting. The first thing to determine with your remodeler is what platform you’ll be using to conduct your virtual design meeting. Some common platforms include Zoom and Google Hangouts. Determine how long the meeting will be and if you anyone else in your household is involved in the project, ensure he or she can also make it to the meeting. This will set you up for a successful first encounter. 


The “Walk Through”

If you’ve already reached out to your design build remodeler, you probably already have a good idea what areas of your home you’d like to work on. Ensure that you can “walk through” those areas while at your virtual design meeting. If you know rough dimensions of the space, that would be helpful as well. By flipping the camera, you can show your designer the spaces that you’d like to change and what specifically isn’t working for you in each space. The more detail you can provide during this initial meeting, the better your design build team can help you come up with solutions for the space. 

virtual design meeting blueprints

Helpful Documents from You

If you’re considering any structural changes, such as removing a wall, moving plumbing or electric, or doing an addition, it would be helpful for your remodeler to see the original plans of your house. If you don’t have the plans, don’t worry you can still have a very productive meeting. For those of you considering an addition, the plat of survey would be helpful to review to determine exactly where your lot lines are. If you do have either of these documents handy, it would be great to send a pdf or picture of them to your remodeler prior to your virtual design meeting. This will give your design build team a chance to familiarize themselves with your home prior to the meeting. 




Just as if this meeting was had in your home, a virtual design meeting will likely involve many questions from both you and your remodeler. Your remodeler should have questions for you about how your home currently functions for you to learn more about your needs. Some questions to ask you remodeler may include: 

Are you licensed and insured?

Have you worked on projects like this before?

Do you have any references I can speak to?

Who will be executing the design, management and construction of this project?



Helpful Documents from Your Remodeler

It is likely that your remodeler has some documents that they like to review with prospective clients when he or she is at your home. The same can be done on your virtual design meeting. Ask your design build team what they usually go over with homeowners and if they can send you that information prior to the meeting. This will allow you some time to review the information and have any questions answered while attending your virtual design meeting. 

virtual design meeting

Determining Your Next Steps

Once your virtual design meeting nears the end, it is important to determine what next steps you’d like to take. Determining the next step at each milestone will help you to keep your project on track. Common next steps include: deciding you are ready to begin some design work, scheduling a follow-up phone call or scheduling a follow-up meeting. 

And just like that, you will have successfully completed your first virtual design meeting! There is a lot going on in the world and everyone’s individual lives at the moment, but we’re here to help you keep your remodeling plans on track the best that we can. If you’ve been thinking about remodeling and have now realized that you don’t have to put your plans on hold, schedule your virtual meeting with us today!

Our COVID-19 Response


To our amazing clients, supporters, employees and trade partners:

With the impact of the Coronavirus spreading, we want to let everyone know that we are taking every care and precaution we can at this time. Being a service that heavily revolves around meeting with clients and being in and around your homes, looking out for you is our top priority.

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