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Get Into the Details: The Bathroom

Get Into the Details: The Bathroom

Often times one of the smaller rooms in the house, but also one of the most used is the bathroom.  Whether it is the bedroom in your master suite, the decorative guest bath, the functional kid's bath or the hall powder room, there are always little details that can make the space feel more unique, work more efficiently, and custom finishing touches to the overall design and feel of the space.  Below are a few ideas to really get into the details of your bathroom and make it look and feel just right for your home.

Create a focal point.  Whether that is a beautiful clawfoot tub, a elegant and relaxing steam shower, a decorative mirror and lights over the vanity or just a decorative wall hanging, a focal point creates a base for any room, including the bathroom and allows you to build your overall design on a firm foundation. Use color to your advantage.  When I was younger my parent's painted mine and my brother's bathroom bright orange.  Now as a child I loved it, but looking back from a design standpoint, it may have been a little much.  If you like color, that is wonderful and I would embrace that, but get the most from the least.  Glass tile makes a great accent to add a splash of  color to your walls. Try a  focal wall of a shower or as a decorative band in a back splash to use color at a strategic point.

A decorative band in the shower or tub enclosure adds detail to the overall design as well as interest to the tile patter.  Niches and wall cutouts for soaps and shampoos also add both decorative and functional details.

Invest in a good shower head. Not only is it a practical investment, but a rain shower, for example, adds a luxurious feel to a bathroom.  Perhaps consider multiple heads or a steam shower for a more spa-like atmosphere without ever having to leave your home.

Storage is always an issue, especially in bathrooms.  Why not combine your storage and your wall decoration into one.  Built-in open shelving in the bathroom allows you to display your towels, washcloths, soaps and candles adding color along with easy access storage.

Written By: JoAnna Landers