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Get Into the Details: The Bedroom

Get Into the Details: The Bedroom

Even though most of the time in our bedrooms is spent sleeping, why not make it a personal retreat area from the rest of your house.  Whether for an adult or a kid, the bedroom is the one room in the house you call your own, so make it feel that way by customizing the details to serve you specific needs.

Custom designed built-ins offer an option to get furniture exactly how you want it for any room.  In your bedroom, a TV center, bookshelves, or general storage are dressed up and designed for your specific needs.

You can also use built-ins to customize your closet and keep your storage organized.  There are many ways to get a custom designed closet and they can be tailored to a walk in or traditional closet.  Either way they will help keep everything in its rightful place.

Use paint to your advantage.  Paint the dominant wall of your bedroom a bold accent color to brighten the room and add interest.  It will also bring a focal point to the room through color.  Even if you choose a neutral palate, a color a few shades darker on one wall will add variety and interest to the room.

Trim adds detail to any room and can give a finished look to the whole room.  Don't over trim, but crown molding adds detail to the ceiling or chair rail can add interest to the walls.  Pick one to accent the room and add dimension to the walls or ceiling.  Think of painting or staining it to match the rest of the trim in the house or to match the accent color in the room. If your bedroom is on the second floor, you may be able to take advantage of some extra attic space for an interesting ceiling treatment.  A vaulted or tray ceiling adds height and interest to your bedroom.  Often bedrooms are simple rectangles, but a detailed ceiling adds character.

Finally, if you have the room, expand your bedroom beyond the bed.  Integrate a sitting area, such as an area for a few chairs or a window seat that allows you to use your bedroom for multiple purposes and offers a quiet retreat area away from the rest of the house.

Whatever you do to make it your own, make your bedroom a place you feel comfortable and safe, a place you want to go to relax and unwind.  For a child's room, make it a place they want to play that has a sense of identity as their own.  It is your room, so make it special.

Written By: JoAnna Landers

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