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Holiday Decorating : Quick and Easy

Holiday Decorating : Quick and Easy

Pick a color scheme to focus the direction of your decorating.

 Wintery Garden

Green and White create a natural wintery effect using pine and cedar accents as well as white flowers such as calla lilies and poinsettias.

 Snow & Ice

Use Blue, White, and Silver to create a winter snowscape full of snowflakes, icicles, and cool blue accents.

 White Wonderland

Create an all white theme, using a white tree, white floral, and white ornaments.  Use silver or gold accents to add overall sparkle.

Here are a few ideas of what to do with those leftover decorations or holiday items that make for interesting and inexpensive decorations around your home.

 Holiday Scents Naturally

Creatively poke designs into oranges, lemons, limes, and red and green apples with whole cloves.  Set them in naturally warm places in your home (the back of your stove or a radiator), as the fruit dries, it will add a wonderful holiday scent to the air.

 Extra Ornaments

What do you do with all those ornaments that do not fit on your tree.  Here are a few ideas.

~Fill a vase or bowl with color coordinated ornaments~

~Hang them from garland on your banister or porch railings~

~Use stacked trays filled with glass balls to create a layered look~

Holiday Books 

Display your holiday books around the house.  They are festive and then handy for when your children or grandchildren want a story.

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