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How to use

Are you a follower on You may be familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but did you know that gives you direct access to pre-filtered design tools. Whether you are looking for ideas for a new house or for updating your current house, has great resources for you to use. In addition to providing you with idea resources, also keeps you organized with their Ideabooks.

For those unfamiliar with, I suggest you take a few minutes to check out the site and see it for yourself. You can browse the main site without signing up to see what it is all about. focuses on three major search options depending on what you are looking for.

Get Inspired

There are thousands of architects, designers, and builders on who have uploaded photos of their work to inspire you and show you the possibilities of designs. There are also bloggers who take these photos and put together How To’s or See What’s New ideas for you to look at.

See Products

All photos have a tagging option, like tagging a person in a Facebook picture, but on the products used to achieve a certain look. These products are usually named and described and often link to the manufacturer’s website or at least offer a product to search for. Various Ideabooks are also available for ideas on major overhaul projects down to do-it-yourself projects you can get at your local depot.

Find Local Pros

Your final option offers assistance to find a local professional in your area to help assist you in your remodeling or new home needs. While is not an advertising site for professionals, it does allow us to post information about our company though photos, biographies, Ideabooks, and reviews that can help you as the homeowner pick a building partner who is the right fit for you.

So as you dive into the new world of, I recommend you explore the site, find what interests you and start putting together ideas for your house. You can sign up for weekly or even daily emails that keep you updated on new projects or Ideabooks for new styles or seasonal décor ideas. While you are browsing stop by our company page

We post photo albums of our finished projects for you to see a comprehensive look at some of our larger scale projects or just more photos of the projects your see on our website. Follow our page to see when we update new project photo albums or add new resources to our Ideabooks. And if you are a past client, please take a few minutes to write us a review and let us know how we did. Thanks!