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Relationships and Remodeling

Relationships and Remodeling

Having worked on home remodeling projects with my husband and working as a designer with other homeowners going through a similar process, I understand the stress that can be put on a relationship during a remodeling project.

Whether you DIY or hire a contractor, remodeling has a lot of decisions, expectations, and deadlines that can test even the strongest of relationships. Here is a list of ideas to help you through the process and allow your remodeling project to be both an enjoyable experience as well as a much-loved finished project.

1. Make a plan

The cliché statement planning makes perfect is not true, but good planning will help minimize stress throughout a remodeling project by getting major decisions made ahead of time when the pressure is off, and everyone is thinking with a clear perspective. I recommend, for either a DIY or a hired project, to work with a designer or at least an impartial third party to help make decisions and give advice during the planning stages. Often they can lend a different perspective and help make the best choice for you and your home.

2. Collaborate and Compromise

This project is about YOUR home, so the decisions that go into it should reflect both your desires. This does not mean you will agree on everything but learn to merge your different design ideas, and often the outcome will be better than the original individual ideas. Conflict often arises when you are unable to compromise, so work together.

3. Know Your Budget

Discuss your budget and be comfortable with what you are spending (before you start the project). Money is always a touchy subject, and remodeling often is a big financial commitment. Be aware there can be unforeseen costs or additions you may want to make to the project. Figure out in advance what you are comfortable spending and what you will do if additional costs arise so you do not have to make those decisions mid–project.

Now these are just the top three pieces of advice that I have picked up from seeing different aspects of remodeling projects. The key to any project is to be prepared. Know why you are undertaking your project and what your end goal is, and work towards it. In the end, those who have undertaken a remodeling project are thrilled with the finished work and are proud of the work they put into making their house a home. So now you can make it through. Just be prepared, relax, and know you will have a wonderful project to show for all your hard work when it is complete!

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