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Specialty Rooms: The Rec Room

Specialty Rooms: The Rec Room

Following the Home Theater, there is another specialty room geared towards home entertainment, and that is the Rec Room.  The traditional rec room offered table games, lounge space and perhaps a service area of sorts for food and drink.  The direction we are seeing Rec Rooms head, still incorporated many of the traditional feature, but it is being updated for our modern, technology say society.

The modern rec room often goes hand in hand with the home theater, with many homes incorporating them into the same or adjoining spaces.  With the prominence of video games the home theater becomes both a movie viewing and gaming center for the rec room.  Being able to watch a sporting event, play the Wii, Xbox, or other gaming system while still within the overall rec room space is becoming the norm.

We still see the traditional billiards table, ping pong table, Foosball and air hockey tables, but they are being pared down in favor of more active digital gaming experience.  However, this is not to say you should eliminate all table games in favor of digital, just think through which are still most valuable and useful in the space you have.  Most homes do not have a space large enough to fit all the traditional gaming tables, so make the best choice for the space you have.  Also look into convertible tables that allow you to switch between two or sometimes three gaming options with one table, simply by changing the gaming surface.

Other types of games are also integrating into today's modern rec room.  Board games and card games are given extra attention with special areas set up with tables and chairs.  Some are as specific as a poker table area, and others area more generic allowing for multiple games to be played in a single space.

Incorporating refreshment into your rec room allows it to truly be an complete entertainment space.  Especially if your room is in the basement or away from you kitchen and serving area, the rec room bar or mini kitchen can become extremely helpful.  Whether you decide to use a freestanding furniture bar or build a mini kitchen set up in your basement, keep in mind how you want to use the space.  If a simple bar with a few stools, a mini fridge, and some storage space works for you needs then a simple set up would do fine.  If you are looking to offer a full food spread, extensive drink options, and ample prep and serving space, then a small kitchen may be the best design for the space.

Always keep in mind who will be using your rec room.  If it for you and all your adult friends, there will be certain elements you would prefer to incorporate that would be different that if you were designing the space for your kids and their friends or as a whole family space.

The Rec Room offers many possibilities and opportunities for entertainment and family fun.  Integrated with the home theater, it becomes a entertainment retreat with in you home.  No matter how simple or elaborate you make your space, the best thing to remember is that it should sere your needs and fit your budget.  The great thing about the rec room is that you can build it up over time and modify it what type of entertaining your are looking for.

Written By: JoAnna Landers

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