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Spring Remodeling Projects that will Add Value to your Home

Spring Remodeling Projects that will Add Value to your Home

It may be hard to imagine but the spring season has begun and many homeowners have been waiting to begin home remodeling projects that they have been thinking about all winter.  The spring is the start of the busiest season for remodeling contractors because it is the perfect time to complete outdoor remodeling projects as well as indoor projects that have been on your to-do list.  Many home remodeling projects that are most commonly done in the spring will increase the value of your home while also adding beauty and comfort that you can enjoy all season long.

The following are popular spring remodeling projects that will add value to your home.

Replacing the Siding






The siding has a major effect on the curb appeal of your home as well as its value and sometimes the brutal winters can really wear out your siding.  If the siding on your home is looking dull or worn out, that alone could cause your home to lose up to 10 percent of its value.  The spring season is the ideal time to replace the siding which will vastly improve the curb appeal of your home and impress your visitors and neighbors for the rest of the season.  There are several types of siding available including fiber cement, cedar and vinyl siding. New siding can yield a return on investment of up to 79 percent.

Kitchen Remodeling

As the weather gets warmer in the spring and summer, people tend to host more in their


homes and the kitchen is usually at the center of any social gathering.  This makes the spring season a great time to get your kitchen remodeled before you begin entertaining guests throughout the summer and fall.

Kitchen remodels are among the most popular remodeling projects and they can be done any time of the year. It is more convenient for you to have it done in the spring so that contractors will be walking in and out of your home in nicer weather. Also, with nice weather outside you can utilize your grill for outdoor cooking.

Deck and Patio Additions

When entertaining guests during the spring and summer, it is nice to have an outdoor living space for people to gather.  Adding a deck or patio to your home is a great way to create an outdoor living space.  It is actually best to build patio and deck additions early in the spring while the ground is still hard, and this also gives you the most time to enjoy your new deck or patio before the following winter.  These additions can also add much value to your home as according to HGTV, homeowners can expect a return on investment of between 65 and 90 percent just for a deck addition.

Bathroom Remodeling








If you are getting sick of using your old bathroom, the spring season is a great time to begin a bathroom remodeling project.  Bathroom remodeling is a very popular home project that is proven to bring a good return on investment and much like kitchen remodels, they are more convenient to have done in mild spring weather.  The possibilities of a bathroom remodel are virtually endless so make sure you talk to a licensed contractor about your ideas.

Attic/ Basement Remodeling

The basement and attic in a home are ideal spaces for new remodeling projects because they can be transformed into any type of space including an extra bedroom or a play room for your kids.  A playroom in the basement can give your kids a perfect place to play inside during the summer while getting some relief from the heat.  Remodeling projects in the attic and basement each bring a good return on investment as basement remodels have a ROI of up to 69 percent and attic remodels can have an ROI of just over 60 percent.








Mudrooms are a great project to consider in the spring and they make for a much more organized home. If you have young children in the house, mudrooms with cubbies offer easy storage solutions for the whole family. Some people even consider adding a designated section of the mudroom for their pet.

As the spring season approaches, think about the remodeling projects that you have been holding off and talk to a licensed contractor to get your next home project done this spring.  Patrick A. Finn, Ltd. provides a range of home remodeling services for homeowners in Arlington Heights, Barrington, and the surrounding North Chicago suburbs.  You can contact us online or call us at (847) 358-4133 to talk to one of our professional home designers about your home remodeling project.

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